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Appendix D: Guidelines for Players and Directors

6. Delayed Tile Tracking

Tracking tiles is the act of recording what letters have been played on the board. Many players track tiles. Tracking can be helpful when trying to determine the best play at any time during the game. The NSA provides space on its Score Sheet for doing so. If players delay their drawing tiles after forming a word on the board in order to track their tiles first, it can delay the opponent from drawing tiles if the opponent plays quickly. To avoid this situation we advise players to draw tiles prior to tracking.

If a player is delayed from drawing tiles due to his opponent's tracking tiles prior to drawing, then the player may call the Director to give his opponent a warning. After every subsequent similar infraction, during that game, by opponent, the player shall earn 1 extra minute of playing time. Note that this rule does not penalize a player every time s/he tracks prior to drawing, but only when the opponent has played quickly and the tracking violation actually delays opponent from drawing.