NSA member birth and marriage announcements and obituaries from 2000:

June 2000

Isabel Sawatzki of Bridgeport, Michigan founder of Club #49 passed away on June 7, 2000. Isabel made an impression upon everyone that knew her. She was a greeter, word judge; timekeeper - and in her most appreciated role - she used her calm demeanor as peacekeeper.

-- Teresa Maynard

July 2000

Doris M. Carney, of Reading Pennsylvania died July 16, 2000. She arrived at old age in good health and with her love of the SCRABBLE® game intact. She was strong in spirit and managed to live her life in the house in which she grew up.

-- A. Stuart

Margaret Tolnai of Toronto, Canada, a sharp, vital, independent lady passed away at age 91. The embodiment of good sportsmanship, she would play newcomers, novices and seasoned experts alike, always with humor, pleasure and aplomb. Margaret loved the SCRABBLE® game and her friends.

-- Lisa Kessler

August 2000

Marissa Victoria, of San Juan Capistrano, CA was born on August 25, 2000 (thankfully after 2000 National SCRABBLE® Championship) and weighed in at 6lbs. 3oz., to the proud parents, Debbie and Mark Milan of San Juan Capistrano, California.

-- Pamela Grazette

September 2000

Rose Toth, of Rego Park, NY a dynamic lady with unbelievable fortitude and who cared about everyone else, passed away after a long struggle with cancer. When people went to visit her during these last months, she made and effort to make YOU feel comfortable. What a fabulous person.

-- Pamela Grazette

October 2000

Bill Milne, of Akron, OH had been an active SCRABBLE® player for some time. Most recently he helped run quarterly tournaments in Akron, Ohio, that were held at the nursing home where he lived before he passed away.

-- Daniel Stock

Patricia Eileen Cole, of Lancaster, PA journalist and SCRABBLE® tournament director, died Oct. 9 of cancer. Recalled for her competitive spirit, occasional displays of sarcasm and facile mind, she created a network of SCRABBLE® players. Tournaments she directed in Lancaster often attracted 100 players.

-- David Engelhardt

November 2000

Dorothy Halprin, of Boca Raton, FL passed away from a form of throat cancer. Dorothy had recently married Hayes Walker. Both enjoyed the Nationals in Providence. Dorothy and Hayes recently moved to South Florida to be near her family. One player noted: "Yep, we lost a good friend in Dorothy, and I know I will never play game of SCRABBLE® again without thinking about her".

December 2000

Susan Patton, Director of Club #477, died on December 25th, 2000.

-- Joan Gray

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