NSA member birth and marriage announcements and obituaries from 2001:

January 2001

Hypatia Hasbrouck died at the age of 79 on January 24th. Hypatia enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed the game and participated in many tournaments throughout North America. Her fondest memory in the game was the time she beat top-ranked Dave Wiegand. She was a delightful woman, retired Unity Church Minister, with a deliciously colorful past.

-- R. Fontes

Helen Tieger passed away in January 2001. She organized tournaments, was highly intelligent and well-informed. She liked to travel with her husband, loved good jokes, and shared them with her friends. She will be missed.

-- Esther Kisich

February 2001

Joan Orvis has died on February 10, 2001 after suffering from cancer. Joan received 2 degrees in music. She became a concert pianist and taught at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville for nearly 30 years. She was always cheerful and loved playing the SCRABBLE® game. She will be missed.

-- Judy Horn, Director, Club #108, Lexington, MA

Samantha Elizabeth Wiegand was born on March 3, 2001 to proud and happy parents Chris and Dave Wiegand. We understand that she has already registered for the 2017 WSC! Best Wishes to the Wiegand family.

May 2001

Betty Isbell charter member of Indianapolis SCRABBLE® Club #275 passed away on May 30th. She thoroughly enjoyed playing the SCRABBLE® game and attending as many tournaments as she could. She will be deeply missed by all those whose life and heart she touched.

October 2001


Christina O'Sullivan and Tobin Lathrop are proud to announce the birth of their first child, a son:

October 5th at 9:17 P.M.
Charles Spencer Lathrop
8 lbs. 9 oz., 22 inches.

The O'Sullivan/Lathrop clan are nestled into their Seattle-area home and all is well.

Lupe Caudell of Oakland CA passed away on October 14, 2001. This long-standing member that attended club often will be missed.

-- Cynthia Pughsley, Co-Director of Club #40, Oakland CA

November 2001

Ruth Smith of Club #40 of Oakland, CA passed away on November 3, 2001. She attended club regularly and was a long standing member.

-- Cynthia Pughsley, Co-Director of Club #40, Oakland CA

December 2001

Jean Schuneman, CO and AZ, died on December 6, 2001. She was a fantastic woman with a great sense of humor. She loved to play a good, hard game of SCRABBLE®. Besides tournaments and the club, she played at least two honest games every night by herself, scoring fairly for Jean 1 and Jean 2. (She always liked it when she whomped Jean 2.)

-- Debi Stevenson

Gene Gruhn of Phoenix SCRABBLE®. Club # 123 succumbed to cancer. He will be missed and remembered fondly.

-- Barbara Van Alen

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