NSA member birth and marriage announcements and obituaries from 2002:

January 2002


Dannene Drummond and Jason Bednarz of Athens, GA are the proud parents of a baby boy, Zachary Kent, born on January 16 at 9:07am.

Mike Martin, one of the very first organizers of the NYC SCRABBLE® scene passed away. He was a delightful man who helped promote the SCRABBLE® Game.

April 2002


Congratulations to Jeff Potts and Julie Chase who recently married. They met a couple of years ago at West Los Angeles SCRABBLE® Club # 195.

-- Elisabeth Jordan

Al Mayer, age 72, passed away on April 28, after a long struggle with Parkinson's disease. Al lived in Oracle, AZ with his wife, Vivien. Hew was an extremely successful home builder and executive, president of Trendmaker Homes. He was mild-mannered, gentlemanly, unassuming and an avid SCRABBLE® player. He will be missed.

-- Larry Rand

May 2002

Congratulations to James and Melissa Cherry. Their son Samuel James Cherry was born at 4:49 A.M. EDT on Sunday, May 19th, 2002. 10 pounds 3 ounces, 21.5 inches long. James was a member of the 2001 World SCRABBLE® Team for Canada.

June 2002

Jerry Mory had been ailing for several months before passing away at age 88. Jerry was one of our special old-timers, and will be greatly missed by SCRABBLE® players: she was such a delight.

-- Muriel Sparrow Reedy

July 2002

Congrats to Stefan Fatsis and Melissa Block on the birth of their new baby girl. Chloe Fatsis was born on July 2 at 6 lbs. 2-3/4 oz. and 18-3/4 in. long!

Congrats to Nancy and Kevin Schutz! Their first son, Benjamin, was born on Monday, July 22nd and weighed in at 8 lb. 7 oz. Nancy and Kevin are both ranked in the top ten SCRABBLE® players in Arizona.

October 2002

Steve Pfeiffer of New York, age 57 passed away on October 14th after a long battle with lung cancer. He will be missed by his wife Jill and daughter and many of his SCRABBLE® friends.

Gertrude Adcox of Carona del Mar, recently passed away. A moving account of high points from her long life was read with her husband Glen at the grave side. Mourners crumbled in loam, saying goodbye to a rare and splendid friend.

-- Bob Peters

George McCready, of the Denver Scrabble club, passed away this fall while on a fishing trip. George was a great fan of Scrabble who was just as sweet after a loss as he was gracious after a win. He will be sorely missed by his clubmates in Denver and the many friends he made traveling to tournaments around the country.

-- Cheryl Palmer

December 2002

Robert Felt, 49, died of an apparent heart attack in his sleep at his cousin's house over the Thanksgiving weekend. He was the winner of the 1990 National SCRABBLE® Championship and a member of all six American World Championship teams, finishing 4th in the 1997 World SCRABBLE® Championship. His intelligence and teaching abilities will be sorely missed.

-- Joe Edley

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