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MSSC Spells F-U-N For Students


CONTACT: John D. Williams Jr.
Yvonne Lieblein
(631) 477-0033


There's a new game in town. It's not about slam dunking or chasing a puck, but it does involve smooth moves, quick thinking and plenty of chances to score. The first-ever Massachusetts School SCRABBLE® Championship (MSSC) invades the Springfield Civic Center on Saturday, November 14 from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. As many as 100 middle school students are expected to go head-to-head, competing for prizes and the title of School SCRABBLE® State Champions. Hasbro, the manufacturers of the SCRABBLE® game, and the National SCRABBLE® Association (NSA), the governing body for 10,000 SCRABBLE® enthusiasts in the United States and Canada, have invited two-member teams of 6th, 7th and 8th graders from around the state to compete in this five-round tournament. The MSSC is a prototype for a future National School SCRABBLE® Championship.

"The team concept brings so much to the experience that a School SCRABBLE® tournament actually feels a lot like an athletic competition," said Dale Siswick, General Manager of HASBRO Americas. "The students get really excited about challenging plays and finding cool words, and that enthusiasm is contagious."

According to John D. Williams Jr., NSA Executive Director, that enthusiasm has prompted HASBRO and the NSA to take the School SCRABBLE® Program to the next level. "The positive response has been overwhelming," he said. "Over a half million students are playing the SCRABBLE® game in 15,000 schools nationwide, and there are local School SCRABBLE® tournaments and after school clubs are popping up all over the place. We realize that it's time to establish an organized, wide-scale School SCRABBLE® tournament structure."

Launched in 1992, the School SCRABBLE® Program has earned praise from educators who cite improved vocabulary, dictionary usage, math skills, creativity, spatial relationships and teamwork among its benefits.

All MSSC contestants will receive event souvenirs and certificates of participation, with special prizes awarded to the top three teams. Each member of the School SCRABBLE® championship team will receive a voucher for a three-day, two-night trip to Orlando with a chaperon compliments of HASBRO, including VIP tours of both Universal Studios and Nickelodeon Studios donated by Nickelodeon. The Universal VIP Tour includes private guided "backdoor" access to all attractions, and the Nickelodeon VIP Tour features a behind the scenes look at some NICK television shows, a private walking tour including wardrobe, make-up, NICK's two soundstages and a visit to NICK'S Game Lab.

Second Place winners will go home with the HASBRO Ultimate Fun Collection - a collection of HASBRO games, Nerf® Brand products and HASBRO Interactive CD-ROMs. Third Place team members will receive the Merriam-Webster Deluxe Reference Library, a compilation of reference books and CD-ROMs, contributed by Merriam-Webster, Inc.

For more information about the MSSC, contact John D. Williams Jr. or Yvonne Gillispie at the National SCRABBLE" Association, 516-477-0033.

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