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Long Island Students Go Head-to-Head in Newsday Hasbro School SCRABBLE® Championship


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Long Island Students Go Head-to-Head in Newsday Hasbro School SCRABBLE® Championship

GREENPORT, NY. Long Island students will be flocking to Sports Plus in Lake Grove for some serious fun and games on Friday, May 12. Nothing new? Well, they're also in for some serious learning as they compete in extreme word-sport at the Newsday Hasbro School SCRABBLE® Championship. Newsday's Newspaper In Education Program (NIE) and the National SCRABBLE® Association (NSA), the governing body for 10,000 SCRABBLE® enthusiasts in the United States and Canada, have invited two-member teams of 5-8 graders to compete in this five-round tournament which is a prototype for a future National School SCRABBLE® Championship.

Competing schools, spanning from Oysterponds in Orient to IS 227 in East Elmhurst, all took part in an in-class program to hone their skills for this event. "This is a great opportunity to help teach students about teamwork as well as the importance of reading the newspaper every day," said Paul Fleishman, Newsday's vice president of marketing.

Launched in 1992, the School SCRABBLE® Program has earned praise from educators who cite improved vocabulary, spelling, dictionary skills, math, creativity, spatial relationships and cooperative learning among its benefits. Now over a half million students play the game in more than 15,000 schools nationwide and hundreds of classrooms belong to the National School SCRABBLE® Club. State championships are also taking place this spring in Massachusetts and Indiana.

According to John D. Williams Jr., NSA Executive Director, this tournament showcases how enthusiastic both teachers and students are about SCRABBLE®. "Teachers love the game because it's a unique approach to learning that helps reinforce nationally mandated educational goals," he said. "And kids love to play because it's fun. In fact, teachers tell us that students don't even realize that they're learning."

The Newsday Hasbro School SCRABBLE® Championship is sponsored by P.C. Richard & Son. For a complete listing of schools and participants look at

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