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Player Profile: Muriel Sparrow-Reedy and Friends


Muriel Sparrow-Reedy

Muriel Sparrow-Reedy <gussie75@aol.com> has been directing SCRABBLE® Club 490, which meets twice monthly in Jamaica, NY, for one year. She says,
"I have been playing SCABBLE for many years, competitively for the past nine. Rosendale, NY, was my most enjoyable tournament. It was held at a beautiful lake and run very well by Joe Edley <deeejloy@aol.com> and Laura Klein."
Muriel earned first place in the aspiring novice division, making the event all the more memorable.

For the past 29 years, Muriel has been employed as secretary for the United Auto Workers Region 9A. She enjoys traveling and considers playing SCRABBLE® with Morgan, her seven-year-old granddaughter, one of life's greatest pleasures.

Muriel spent two weeks in Greece this summer and says she enjoyed "seeing all the Greek words that Ive been studying, I am looking forward to the NSC and hoping that I will be able to remember to use a few." Since 31 rounds of SCRABBLE® weren't quite enough, Muriel and a gang of her friends took the same AMTRAK train from New York to Chicago. They made sure they had an even number of 10 so that they could trade off and play SCRABBLE® all the way!

When Muriel heard she was going to be featured on the NSC 98 web site, she included photos and information about other attendees from her club. They are: Vicki Kahn, assistant director, Merble Reagon, Jacquitta Ladson, and Stacia Camp. See their brief bios below. [Photo]

Vicki Kahn

Expert SCRABBLE® player, Vicki Kahn, is Club 490's assistant director. She is rated 1715 and wil play in Division One in Chicago. When she isn't playing "America's Good Time Game," Vicki enjoys a card game called Queens, which she plays every Sunday. She works as a volunteer assistant librarian at the Queens Hospital Center.

Since Vicki has been playing SCRABBLE® since she was six years old, she's had the chance to attend many tournaments. At a past NSC she went 3-27, which she says was "not exactly fun." She hopes this NSC will have a better outcome! [Photo]

Merble Reagon

Merble Reagon's day job involves womens employment, training advocacy, and direct services through The Womens Center for Education & Career Development in New York, NY. She plays at SCRABBLE® Clubs 59 and 490.

NSC 98 will be Merble's first national tournament and second trip to Chicago. She is looking forward to both. With a rating of 1447, she will be competing in Division Two.

She writes, "I love playing SCRABBLE®! I've been playing in tournaments for almost five years and I've really enjoyed getting to know the people, the traveling, and learning to play this game better. "

Jacquitta Ladson

[Photo] Jacquitta Ladson, rated 998, will be playing in Division Four at her first NSC. Shes been playing SCRABBLE® since June 1996 and joins the others in attending Club 490. At her first tournament in Plainview, NY, run by Ginger White, Jacquitta earned a frustrating rating of 500. Since then her rating has nearly doubled and she's grown fond of tournaments.

While walking six miles to work from Brooklyn to New York every morning (that is no typo), Jacquitta concentrates on her strengthening her word power. She is excited about Chicago and says, "I am looking forward to scoring as many bingos as I can!"


Stacia Camp

Stacia Camp is originally from Massachusetts, but now resides in Brooklyn, NY. Since retiring she has played at NSCs in New York, 89; Washington, 90; Altanta, 92; Los Angeles, 94; and Dallas, 96. Thus, after "taking the midnight train to Chicago," Stacia will be attending her 6th National SCRABBLE® Championship.

Stacia started playing SCRABBLE® at Club #28 in Brooklyn, directed by Alan Hecht and she also plays at Club #490. She plays weekly and enjoys the atmosphere and friends. She says, " SCRABBLE® keeps me moving, keeps my mind on track, keeps me a young 39, and keeps my husband asking when is the next tournament."

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