State Ratings

Kentucky Ratings

This list was automatically generated at 2007-08-01 02:23:05 from the NSA Ratings Database and the NSA Player Database. Corrections to these databases should be sent respectively to Joe Edley (ratings) and John Chew (players). Photographs can be submitted through the Player Database.

The following active players are currently top-rated in Kentucky.

Rank Rating Player
1 227 1691 OWENS MARK EDWARD [photo]
2 253 1673 BROWNING BRIAN  
3 428 1545 BOWMAN BRIAN
Villa Hills
4 450 1531 BROERING MARC  
6 735 1383 DUTCH KEN [photo]
7 1151 1190 MCKENZIE KELLY
8 1366 1077 SCOTT WILL
9 1400 1064 CANN KATHI
10 1575 991 SEARS KEVIN
11 1583 987 BROWN DAVID A
12 1615 972 FLOAN BRANDON  
13 1719 928 HURLEY CANDACE
Vine Grove
14 2126 722 YODER MARGARET  
15 2282 511 YODER ERIC  
16 2294 499 WILKINSON JOETTA  
17 2319 355 COOVERT CHERYL  

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