State Ratings

Missouri Ratings

This list was automatically generated at 2007-09-05 11:53:02 from the NSA Ratings Database and the NSA Player Database. Corrections to these databases should be sent respectively to Joe Edley (ratings) and John Chew (players). Photographs can be submitted through the Player Database.

The following active players are currently top-rated in Missouri.

Rank Rating Player
1 409 1561 HELLE RAY  
2 446 1543 BASLER MIKE
3 569 1467 DABBS WIL
4 584 1459 GREMAUD DAVID
St. Louis
5 588 1457 GOODE TERRY [photo]
6 617 1437 MULIK PAUL
7 796 1359 JUSTICE SHERI
Kansas City
St. Louis
9 866 1326 HEIMAN SAMUEL
10 1155 1199 BANERJI ZARRINE
11 1306 1127 BULLOCK PAULA  
12 1444 1063 WARREN REID
St Louis
13 1997 820 PLUNKETT RANDI [photo]
14 2106 758 HEIMAN JOEL  
15 2175 722 WOOD VIRGINIA  

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