State Ratings

Maine Ratings

This list was automatically generated at 2009-06-30 22:12:41 from the NSA Ratings Database and the NSA Player Database. Corrections to these databases should be sent respectively to Joe Edley (ratings) and John Chew (players). Photographs can be submitted through the Player Database.

The following active players are currently top-rated in Maine.

Rank Rating Player
1 56 1830 MALLICK JOEY
Cape Elizabeth
2 435 1536 HAYDEN LUCAS [photo]
3 465 1517 HAGEL KEITH
4 736 1367 MCKINNEY SEAN [photo]
5 1250 1130 DAVIS THOMAS [photo]
6 1347 1087 WHITTEN PEG  
7 1711 905 SMITH JULIA
8 1754 878 WILSON HERB [photo]
9 1853 823 KRAUTER LUCINDA [photo]
10 1883 803 FRANCIS L CHERYL
Indian Island, Old Town
11 2046 695 BROWN BETS [photo]

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