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Saturday, April 27, 2002


Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School
459 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02138
GPS N 42° 22.458' W 071° 06.686' (WGS-84)

FROM WEST: Take Rte 2 to the end. At Alewife MBTA station go over the bridge to the first rotary and follow around to the left. At the second rotary, go around to the left and then take a quick right. You will be on Concord Ave. Go straight for one mile at which Concord Avenue becomes Garden Street. Continue on Garden Street to the third set of lights. Cambridge Common will be on your left and you will be at the edge of Harvard Square. With the flow of traffic bear left, go through one set of lights and then take a right under the tunnel. The Cambridge Fire Department Headquarters will be in front of you. There is a fork as soon as you come out of the tunnel - stay to the right which is marked Broadway. CRLS is two blocks down on the left. It is right next to the Cambridge Public Library.

FROM MASS PIKE: Get off at Allston/Cambridge Exit. Go straight over the bridge and cross over Memorial Drive. You will be on River Street. Continue on River Street until you reach the edge of Central Square. Go straight, cross over Massachusetts Ave. River Street now becomes Prospect Street. Go to the second set of lights - a Store 24 is on the corner - and take a left on to Broadway. CRLS is eight blocks down on your left. It is right next to the Cambridge Public Library.

FROM ROUTE 93: Get off at Storrow Drive Exit. Follow signs to Nashua Street. Stay to the right. DO NOT TAKE STORROW DRIVE. Bear left and right with the flow of traffic, staying to the left. The Science Museum will be on your left. After the lights that are right past the Science Museum you will be on Cambridge street. Lechmere Station will be on your right. CRLS is about two miles down Cambridge Street on the left side of the street just past Cambridge City Hospital.

BY MBTA: Take the red line to Harvard Square. Get off at Harvard Square. Walk down Massachusetts Ave towards Central Square to Quincy Street. Turn left on Quincy Street and walk to Broadway. Turn right on Broadway. CRLS is on your left a short distance from Quincy Street. If you are coming from Rte. 2 you can park at the Alewife MBTA station and take the MBTA. Parking around CRLS is limited so it may be easier to take the MBTA.


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Regional Champions
Buckingham, Browne & Nichols
Upper School RED
Cambridge, MA
Matthew Cable (7th grade)
Leland Fidler (8th grade)
5-0, +495

Runkle School
Brookline, MA
Alex Jackson (7th grade)
Jeremy Shiman (8th grade)
5-0, +253

Second Runners-Up
Harland Elementary
Hartland, VT
Emily Cutts (8th grade)
Aurora Coon (8th grade)
4-1, +281


Each contestant receives a SCRABBLE® baseball cap, certificate of participation, Nickelodeon Games & Sports items and a SCRABBLE® game.

In addition, each member of the First Place Team receives $500, each member of the Second Place Team $250, and each member of the Third Place Team $100.

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Full Standings:

RANK SCHOOL/TEAM                        WIN/LOSS SPREAD

  1. Buckingham, Browne & Nichols RED   5-0        +495
  2. Runkle                             5-0        +253
  3. Hartland Elementary                4-1        +281
  4. York                               4-1        +212
  5. Bedford Middle                     4-1        +207
  6. Longfellow                         4-1        +172
  7. Austin Middle                      4-1        +164
  8. Northboro Middle                   4-1        +161
  9. Hilltown                           4-1         +58
 10. Linden                             4-1         +55
 11. Buckingham, Browne & Nichols BLUE  3-2        +252
 12. St. Gabriel                        3-2        +220
 13. Immaculate Conception-Revere       3-2        +206
 14. Halifax                            3-2        +103
 15. Talmadge                           3-2         +95
 16. Pierce School                      3-2         +67
 17. Hartland Middle                    3-2         +59
 18. Western Hills                      3-2         +54
 19. Wyman                              3-2         +42
 20. Forest Park                        3-2         +28
 21. Buckingham, Browne & Nichols Lower 3-2          +7
 22. Faith Christian                    3-2          -7
 23. Hall Dale                          3-2         -19
 24. Chestnut Accelerated               3-2         -24
 25. Kuss Middle                        3-2         -69
 26. Quabbin Regional                   3-2         -88
 27. Pollard Cluster 2                  3-2        -119
 28. Hudson/Mulready                    3-2        -173
 29. Robert H. Brown                    2.5-2.5    -120
 30. William Lincoln                    2-3         +63
 31. East Hampton                       2-3         +54
 32. Pollard Cluster 3                  2-3         +25
 33. Wilbraham                          2-3          -8
 34. Clark School                       2-3          -9
 35. Fort River                         2-3         -19
 36. Graham & Parks                     2-3         -32
 37. Bird Middle                        2-3         -37
 38. Healy                              2-3         -60
 39. Paul School                        2-3         -72
 40. Galvin Middle                      2-3         -84
 41. Briscoe Middle                     2-3         -85
 42. Tisbury/Oak Bluffs                 2-3        -103
 43. Elias Brookings                    2-3        -134
 44. Nathaniel Bowditch                 2-3        -153
 45. Farley                             2-3        -163
 46. Searles Middle                     1.5-3.5    -157
 47. Forestdale                         1-4         -44
 48. Millville                          1-4         -61
 49. Tantasqua                          1-4         -79
 50. JFK Middle Hudson                  1-4         -83
 51. Thornton Central                   1-4        -154
 52. Edgartown                          1-4        -176
 53. Forest Avenue                      1-4        -184
 54. Millville Elementary               1-4        -261
 55. Fayerweather Street                0-5        -232
 56. White Brook                        0-5        -290

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