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How to Choose a SCRABBLE® Team

[Cartoon of coach's whistle] There are many different ways to choose the team of students who will represent your school at a School SCRABBLE® Championship. The most important thing to remember is that the chosen students should be excited about being part of this fun tournament! It's also necessary that they become familiar with the tournament rules and other aspects of the competition such as using timers, playing with a partner and recording their scores.

Here are some ideas successfully used by teachers to choose their school's team. You can use one or a combination of these approaches, or feel free to create your own method. You might choose students who...

  • do best in a classroom or school-wide SCRABBLE® tournament.
  • receive the top scores in a quiz based on a combination of the SCRABBLE® game rules, important spelling rules or solving word jumbles.
  • are first to learn all 96 two-letter words.
  • are picked in a random drawing of all interested students.
  • attain the best results on a specific set of spelling tests.
  • win an essay contest on "Why I Want to Represent My School at the SCRABBLE® Championship."
  • deserve a reward for a specific academic achievement in the classroom.

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