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by Bob Lipton

[SOWPODS in British and American tiles]

Quite a few of the OSW-only words starting with the letters PER are adjectives or interjections; as such, they don't take the -S hook. I'm talking about more than 50% of the total, which is a strikingly large percentage in view of the fact that a random sample of OSPD words does not exhibit this property. In other words, this anomaly is not attributable to the meaning of PER- per se.

Here's how they tally. In the left column are OSW-only words that do not take -S. In the right are OSW-only words that do. Listed separately are words that would not take an -S hook anyway because they are already plurals, or have endings such as -ITY.

No -S hook                -S hook valid

PERACUTE                  PERAEON
PERCASE                   PERAI
PERCEANT                  PERCE
PERCEN                    PERCOLIN
PERCINE                   PERE
PERCINE                   PEREGAL
PERCOCT                   PEREIRA
PERDENDO                  PERIAGUA
PERFAY                    PERIDOTE
PERFET                    PERSICOT
PERICON                   PERSWADE
PERJINK                   PERIGONE
PERSANT                   PERIOST
PERSAUNT                  PERISHER
PERSING                   PERKIN
PERST                     PERN
PERTUSE                   PERONE

PERAEA                    PERRIER
PERCHERY                  PERRUQUE
PERCHINGS                 PERSICO
PERIODED                  PERSUE
PERIPLUS                  PERTAKE
PERITI                    PERTHITE
PERITUS                   PERTURBER

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