NSA: Tourneys: 1998: CSC : Friday: Pictures
CSC98 Pictures: Press Conference

All photos by Sherrie Saint John

Danyael Halprin (Canadian Living) and Jacqueline Waller-Vintar (Where Toronto)

Press Kit

SCRABBLE® mouse pad (all contestants received one)

John D. Williams and Shaun Goatcher

Reese Daniel

Reese Daniel

Birk's pen

Patty Sullivan (TVOntario) with her new Franklin Mint SCRABBLE® set

Robin Pollock Daniel, Sherry Cooke, Donna Piasentini, Shaun Goatcher

Trevor Sealy and Mad Palazzo

Shaun Goatcher and Rashida Dhomma (The Toronto Sun)

Danyael Halprin (Canadian Living), Robin Pollock Daniel, Jacqueline Waller-Vintar (Where Toronto)

Sherry Cooke showing the 2nd place prize, a SCRABBLE® bomber jacket

Shaun Goatcher and Robin Pollock Daniel

Lucy Zillio (CFMT-TV) and Michelle Jones

Tracey Melchor (CITY-TV) back, Philip Marchand (The Toronto Star), Shaun Goatcher, Brian Master (CHFI-FM)

Tracey Melchor (CITY-TV)

John Chew, CSC Director, and John D. Williams, Executive Director of the NSA, prepare to go on live TV

Tracey Melchor (CITY-TV), Robin Pollock Daniel

David Humiski (CTV)

Trevor Sealy and John D. Williams with Hasbro SCRABBLE® CD-ROM

Joel Wapnick and John D. Williams

Brian Master (CHFI-FM) [?]

Franklin Mint SCRABBLE® set, first place prize in media SCRABBLE® game

Barbara Efthymiadis (Ryerson TV)

Arts & Letters Club grand piano in full SCRABBLE® array

Not yet captioned.

The Official SCRABBLE Calendar 1999

Chris Dorman (Ryerson TV)

SCRABBLE banner hanging from the Great Hall's balcony

John Chew's welcoming comments, Trevor Sealy and John D. Williams in back

Official Tournament and Club Word List with two strategically placed Maple Leaf protiles

Giant rack and pile of protiles

Donna Piasentini, Lucy Zilio (profile), and Michele Jones

50th Anniversary SCRABBLE tile bags

Kathy Ullyott (Modern Woman)

Danyael Halprin (Canadian Living) modeling her second place prize for opening the game by playing EXURBAN for 98 points.

Donna Piasentini (back), John Chew, and Kim (JOHN, GET HER NAME)

Patty Sullivan (TV Ontario) announcing her event-winning play of ZAPTIEH for 101 points. She found this word herself!

Joel Wapnick

Giant SCRABBLE board,

Chris Dorman (Ryerson TV), Liz Campbell (City Parent), and Patty Sullivan (TV Ontario)

NSA Executive Director John D. Williams' opening comments

Danyael Halprin (Canadian Living) doing her news segment in front of the completed media giant board

Patty Sullivan accepting her Franklin Mint SCRABBLE set

Robin Pollock Daniel helping Tracey Melchor (CITY-TV)

Rebecca Hill (Where Toronto)

Mad Palazzo and Trevor Sealy frame the completed media game

Giant SCRABBLE board

Shaun Goatcher with Lucy Zilio (CMFT-TV)

Chris Dorman (Ryerson TV) interviewing John Chew

Giant media board

Tracey Melchor (CITY-TV)

Mad Palazzo, Lucy Zilio (CMFT-TV), Trevor Sealy, and part of Joel Wapnick

left side of Great Room with media

Kathy Ullyott (Modern Woman) leaning to see her play on the board

Not yet captioned.

Danyael Halprin (Canadian Living) and Jacqueline Waller-Vintar (Where Toronto) in front of 50th Anniversary SCRABBLE board

Shaun Goatcher and Kevin Wright (Family Channel)

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