NSA: Tourneys: 1998: CSC : Friday: Commentary
CSC98 Round 2 Commentary

I'll say one thing: 50 players are a whole lot quieter than 550! You 
could hear a pin drop in this room! Ian Bell is playing Joe Peters 
right in front of me. I see the lovely FIQUE and Ian just cleaned up his 
rack with a play of COCKED through an open K.

Tim Anglin, victorious last round against a Torontonian female, is 
playing Lynda Wise this time.  I see INSURER, HOTTEST, and 
LIQUIDY on their board.

Adam Logan came back with a vengeance this time with a win over 
Sary Karanofsky, 578-303. Guess we know who got the power tiles 
in that game! 

Just in from the underdogs can win department, James Cherry 
defeated Joel Wapnick, 483-358, and David Boys fell to Linda 
Espallardo, 413-322.  On David and Linda's board, I see REInVITE 
by Linda and WInDIEST by David. He said, while looking over the 
board, "Every single turn, she played in my spot!" Robin Pollock 
Daniel walked by and told him she saw PINGERS on Linda's rack 
at one point, but it never made its way onto the board.

Table 2, where Joel and James played, was still set up and James 
pointed out the better plays. Joel played MAILLEs and FATIDIC, 
the latter James didn't know, but wasn't sure enough to challenge 
(It's good, meaning "pertaining to prophecy").  James played 
RADULAS, INGENUES (which he points out anagrams to 
UNSEEING), STrAYING, and two high-point non-bingos of JUBA 
(50) and BRONZE (43). Joel's outplay was a nice find, said James, of 
SKERRY (21).

Shaun Goatcher just pulled me over to explain his last game's glory. 
He held ED and fished for IG, which he picked. He then played 
EXUDING for 82 points. He played only E, D, I, and G, and made 
RE, JADED, and EXUDING on a double double! Amazing!

Lisa Kessler won over Randall Thomas, 362-334. They both tried 
phonies that came off. Lisa's was RAILTIES and Randall's was 
RECUING. He said it was one of those two-blank affairs and he 
couldn't find anything good. Those are the most frustrating games. 

Christina O'Sullivan just edged out Michael Krepakevich, 394-356. 
At the next table, Zev Kaufman is now 2-0, having just defeated 
Glenn Dunlop, 334-306. Zev, observing his sabbath rules, is playing 
his opponents on a flat SCRABBLE board, keeping score with a 
bookmark in a book, and having someone else - tonight Ron Manson -
operate his clock and fill out paperwork for him. 

Jim Nanavati is charged up. He is 2-0, having just defeated Shaun 
Goatcher. The game was decided, Jim says, by Shaun's challenge of 
BEAKY. In his first game against Ian Bell, he got down 4 natural 

Jamie Craig, looking smart in a banded collar white shirt, is a bit 
glum. He is 0-2, having just lost to fellow Vancouverite, Don 
Malcolm. Don is 1-1. 

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