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CSC98 Commentary: Round 22

Round 22

Mad is once again annotating Albert and Trevor is annotating Joel. 
One minor fashion change since the last round is the introduction of 
Albert's blue baseball hat with a red brim. We are soon to lose Jeff 
Parsons, because of his flight back home, Thus, this round, Tim is 
climbing up and down the stage stairs himself to put up the plays.

Albert goes first this round and he draws ETEILFP. Joel draws 

Albert's first play is FLITE and his new rack PEAIAIT.

Joel responds with CRIB through the I and draws EOCRRST. Hugh 
Currie points out CORRECTS to us when he hands us the slip. 
Adam, not to be outdone sees ERECTORS for many more points. 
Show off.

Albert plays PIA/FA and picks IEATOEU. 

Joel then plays the word Adam saw: ERECTORS off the E in FLITE 
to the triple. He draws ADLPYYZ.

The score is 97-35, in Joel's favor.

Albert traded 5 (AEIOU), keeping ET, and got EGKLTO?.

Joel plays DOZY through the O in ERECTORS and picks AEELPUY.

Albert then plays ELK, drawing GOETNE?

Joel plays YAUPER/DE to the R in ERECTORS and draws 

We are now 146-52, Joel's lead. Joel has 22 minutes and Albert only 

Albert fumbles a G and Joel probably sees it. 22 minutes to under 
12 for Albert. The hat may help with the glare from the camera 
flash, but it sure isn't making him any faster. 

Albert plays EGO/OY down the triple lane drawing EHNOUT?.

Joel plays  DEVILS/ELKS, drawing BEILNWW.

Albert plays SOUTHErN off the S in ERECTORS for a nice triple. 
He then draws TOXERED.

It is worth noting now that Albert has picked 7 of the 7 blanks 
we've seen this morning, which is  huge advantage.

Joel responds with BLEW/ED/WE atop and parallel to DEVILS 
drawing IIMNNQW.

Albert plays FAXED, using the F in FLITE, pikcing AJAREOT.

Joel dumps 7, probably looking to not eat the Q for a second game 
in a row. His new rack is IOUDGTV. The poor guy can't pick a rack 
for his life. Well, if he picks the Q again, at least he'll have a U, 
looking on the bright side.

The score is now 193-207, Joel's shrinking lead.

Albert plays RAJ/RED/AWE for 28 and draws TAEOOHO.

The game is now 207-221, Albert's lead.

Joel 17:25, Albert 3:30 on their SamTimer.

Joel played VOGUE to the E in SOUTHErN, and drew IIIDQST.

Albert then did another parallel play: HOE/REDO/AWEE (24 
points) and picked OOTA?RN. He is now 8 for 8 on the blanks thus 

Poor Joel traded again, this time 5 tiles (DIIIQ) and picked 
EGWNMST. He is not getting any help with the tiles.

The score is now 245-225, Albert's lead.

Albert played NO/HO under HOE and picks RATOFI?. You might 
think he'd get that Q, but it appears to have Joel's name written on 
it. There are an uncertain amount of  tiles left in the bag (we 
haven't figured it out this time), so this is anyone's game.
Joel played NEWTS/NE/HOW and drew AIOGMST.

Albert then got down his bingo: FRAcTION on the triple for 83, 
picking up NANDIQI. Finally he gets the Q, but he luckily gets an 
AID to go with it.

Score is 337-256. 11 tiles left in the bag: AAAEEIIUMNR .

Joel played MO to the P in PIA down the middle triple and picked 

Albert got down QAID, hooking to the D in FAXED, with the Q on 
a DWS. He picks NDINMRA.

The score is now 361-272. 

Joel played GIB to the B in BLEW and drew ANAAIST.

7:34 for Joel, 8 seconds for Albert. Looks like he is going over again 
this game. 

Albert quickly played MAGI through the G in GIB on the left 
middle triple, drawing NDRNUEE.

Adam estimates one tile left.

My stomach is in a HUGE knot! Pascale LeBlanc is sitting with 
Adam and I and we are so excited. Of course, only I'm making the 

In the online forum, there are about 16 people, with many 
onlookers on every screen, we are sure.

Joel played with one tile BAR/TA and got the last tile, an I.

Albert played EN/EM/NA above MAGI.

Joel just played INS/XI/EN/QAIDS, below FAXED.

Albert then played DUE, under NEWTS on the triple line, making 

Joel then played TA atop VOGUE, making TO/AG.

The game's last play was byAlbert: RAN, through the A in QAIDS. 
Joel's rack had AI on it.

Albert lost 10 points for going over on his timer by 26 seconds.

Final score: 407-336, Albert's win. We are now tied at 2 and in a 
few minutes will begin round 5. 

You can cut the tension in the room with a knife. 

deep breath. 

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