NSA: Tourneys: 1998: CSC : Saturday: Pictures
CSC98 Pictures: Round 9

Photos: Sherrie Saint John

Jim Nanavati defeats James Cherry, 403-383, see commentary.

Shaun Goatcher's win against Craig Rowland, 409-332, see commentary.

Kate Doe, board 1 annotator

Fern Lindzon's win over Albert Hahn, 458-369, see commentary.

Christina O'Sullivan's big win against Steve MacNeil, 548-301, see commentary.

Randall Thomas's win against Joe Peters, 347-387, see commentary.

James Cherry's fan club looking down on him at Table 2 from the Great Hall's balcony: (l-r) Alison, Melissa, Michael, and Connie.

Jim Nanavati vs. James Cherry (fans at top of photo)

Jakob Teitelbaum vs Glenn Dunlop (foreground); Adam Logan vs. Max Garfinkle (background)

Jeff Fleetham vs. John Dafoe

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