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CSC98 Commentary: Round 4

Round 4

After a breakfast in the buffet room, the players filed in for game 4. 
I'm surprised how so many people can be so orderrly.  The Maple 
Leaf blanks are a huge hit! They jump out from the tables and catch 
my eye as I walk by.

Christina O'Sullivan lost this round to Jeff Parsons, 421-381. I see 
INHERING on their board. In Hilda Schlechter's game against 
Linda Espallardo, I see TOROIDS, rITUALs, AZINE to the triple, 
and AMoTION. On Danny Panganiban and Ron Hoekstra's board I 
see SCLERAE, ZAYIN (to the triple), and TIFFED.  In a game 
between Andrew Golding and Paul Sidorsky, I spot JOUNCES, 

On table 2's board, in a game between Libero Paolella and Tim 

All of a sudden I heard a soft, mechanistic clicking in the 
room, almost like a rhythmic floor waxing machine, and was 
surprised to discover that the noise was coming from Craig 
Rowland's board. The game was over and he was picking up tiles 
more quickly than I'd ever seen. His fingers, blindingly fast, 
reminded me of a pianist hard at work. After this round, I'm going 
to check for subcutaneous magnetic implants.

Sary Karanofsky says hi to everyone. She just beat Linda Gomes, 

In the game between Bernard Gotlieb and Fran Silver, Bernard 
pulled out a 10-point win, 392-382. When I asked if I could 
photograph the board, Fran joked, "Can't we make it look better 
by putting SEXPOT on it or something?" Bernard played 
IGnORERS and Fran got away with the phoney MITEY.

Also on the phoney wagon, Jim Nanavati got away with AEDINEs 
against Glenn Mosher. Jim got both blanks and won, 414-318.  Jim's 
second, acceptable, bingo was LANNErET.

In Jeff Fleetham's game with James Cherry, Jeff played ALUNITES. 
James got down CANTEEN and won the game.

Shaun Goatcher and Gene Rawlins had a good game. Gene got 
down HOaRDINg and Shaun played ACREAGES, EUPLOID, and 

At nearby table 1, Zev Kaufman lost to Albert Hahn, 476-442. 
Albert played RIVIErA and Zev played DAUBRIES, UNDOCILE, 
and ORANGIEr, to the "r" in Albert's bingo.

After all games were done this round, we were treated to the first-
ever SCRABBLE dancing floor show. The three challenge runners 
were on the stage, grooving, musiclessly, to some tune. They are 
prepared for a hard day today and one of them, Lauren, is even 
sporting a new temporary tattoo across her bicep.

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