NSA: Tourneys: 1998: CSC : Saturday: Commentary
CSC98 Commentary: Round 5

Round 5

Correction on a game I mentioned last round. I wondered how 
Albert Hahn won his last game against Zev Kaufman with so few bingos. Turns out 
I missed: RUSTLED and FLEIsHIG.

At table 1 this round Glenn Mosher is playing Albert Hahn. I see 
ARMORIE and LOATHInG on their board. Nearby, on the  board 
of Lisa Deift and Len Borer, I see TENTErED as an opening play 
for 68 by Len. Also on that board: GOTIST and INLIER. I found 
out later that Lisa got "squished" that game, which I assume is 
South African for a bad loss. 

In a marvelous table 2 game, Jim Nanavati continues to steamroll 
his opponents. He defeated Tim Anglin, 450-386, and is now 5-0. 
Tim jokingly said, "he got so lucky!" Tim played LANCERS and 
and SURVIVEd. Jim tells me that he is uncharacteristically 
averaging more than two bingos per tournament.

At a table of all women, Hilda Schlechter defeated Fran Silver, 465-
337. Hilda played TOTALISE and ABrIDGE and Fran played 
PRESeTS. However, she told me that the word she is most proud of 
this round is the anagram of OONPR.  Just down the table, Fern 
Lindzon defeated Marilyn Murray 427-421. Marilyn said, "I am 
specializing in heartbreaking losses." Fern got down STANINE, 
AEOnIAN, and the phoney ENROLES. Marilyn played COSIGNER 
and LInTiEST, which Fern called the "better bingos," since they are 
both acceptable plays.

In a stunning win, Sary Karanofsky played an outbingo--
CONFRErE for 74--defeating Leah Thompson by 10 points, 361-351. 
Both players had their jaws on the table when I arrived. Leah 
played INqUIRED and AGONIES.

Lisa Kessler won her game against Steve Ozorio this round, 413-
326;. She got down GENITORS and sPaTTER. Steve played the 
lovely HEATEDLY. 

David Boys is back in his winning ways, defeating Bernard Gotlieb, 
476-297. Poor Bernard had an unplayable Q and David really stuck 
it to him (gently of course!). Bernard played TRANQUIL and 
nAIADES and Dave played RETAILED.

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