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CSC98 Commentary: Round 6

Round 6

Trevor Sealy just walked over to tell me that he'd annotated a 
game between Albert Hahn and Tim Anglin and Albert won, 430-
356, which makes him undefeated. He played his entire game in 
8:56! Albert played RAZORING and HeADLONG. Tim played 
LICEnSE. Trevor said, " At one point, Tim had RADULAE, but he 
couldn't get it down, so he played RADULE (which is a phoney). 
Albert wasn't sure if it was good, so left it and bingoed down, 
using the R for RAZORING.

Since we are ahead of time, the lunch hasn't arrived yet and the 
players are getting a chance to mill around and talk. How about that! 
A tournament running AHEAD of time! With the efficiency of this 
crew, it is no wonder. About 15 seconds after players are done, 
Mad is at their table gathering all the little bits of papers that might 
slow them down.  John says we are averaging 61 minutes a round, 
which is 4 minutes ahead of schedule (these math types are so 

Leah Katz just tied Ian Bell, 351-351. She played SERAPES and 
GLItCHeS. Like a wise guy, Ian asked me if I could define 
SERAPES. I didn't hide very well the fact that I couldn't! Turns out 
that it means  "a colorful woolen shawl."

James Cherry defeated reigning champ Adam Logan, 486-339. 
James played HINDERs, OUTBETS (on a triple and Adam didn't 
challenge), and tONNEAUS (which Adam did challenge, but it is 
good). In Adam's defense, he explains that he had to challenge 
tONNEAUS because it blocked CORONATES. Adam played 
STEMMING. He is 4-2 and James is 5-1. 

Randall Thomas won his game against Paul Sidorsky, 376-336. The 
only bingo I could see was Paul's OVERhEAR. Paul says that a bad 
endgame decision cost him the game. He tells me he got "greedy" 
and played XI, leaving the X in the triple lane. He didn't think 
Randall could reach it. When the word LATEX went down for 36, 
Paul realized his mistake.

Fran Silver finally won another game, bringing her to 4-2. Don 
Malcolm lost this one, 394-374. 

David Boys beat Jeff Fleetham, 412-315. Jeff pointed out that is was 
only a two-bingo game: David's PETEcHIA and Jeff's TINDERS. At 
the other end of that table, Michael Krepakevich soundly beat Pete 
Teitelbaum, 455-272. Michael played SEQUOIA and ACTIONs. 
When he played the first bingo, he wasn't sure of the front hook 
for MORAL and missed playing on the triple lane for many more 
points. As Pete pointed out, "he didn't need 'em."

In Zev Kaufman's last game, he defeated Len Borer, 499-310. Zev 
played EXPUNGER for 104, which Len challenged (it was good).  
Along the triple line, Zev also played dEVOUTLY, which is fitting. 
Len made a lovely front and back hook play by adding DISED to 
JOINT for DISJOINTED for 38, then he got down IGnITED.  

Danny Panganiban just stopped by the table. He is not in first place 
right now, but he hopes to work his way up there this afternoon. 
He wants to be in table 1's limelight.  John Chew reminds me that 
Danny is one of the only  people here who is active in clubs in more 
than one province at the very same time. In Alberta, he plays in the 
Calgary club run by Siri Tillekeratne, and in Ontario, he plays in the 
Toronto and Mississauga clubs. He stays with his family from mid-
December to mid-April in Ontario and then goes to work from 
mid-April to mid-December in Calgary in the oil and gas business. 
His three kids stay at home with his wife who works in Ontario. 
He claims to have a 21-year-old son. I'm about to card him, because 
I don't believe it.  He had a good game against Linda Gomes, thus 
far, but he wants to beat the "bigger guys" now. He says his 8-
game-winning streak in Calgary gave him the opportunity to play 
here, but he might have used up all his good luck!

Libero Paolella is sitting with me now. He is 5-1! Right up there 
with James Cherry! Libero says I shouldn't be impressed, since he 
should be 6-0. I tell him he's still doing very well. He says he 
managed to win a lucky game against Jim Nanavati last round, 
which was Jim's first loss of the tournament. Libero says that Jim 
should have won, but made a bad move toward the end of the 
game. He played EAU just short of the triple row and the X was 
still out. It sat there for several turns, but when Libero got the X 
with a blank, he played BoXIER for 85 points! That was the 

Glenn Dunlop just sauntered by and I snagged him for a chat.  He 
is 3-3 now. He just won his last game against Andrew Golding.  
Glenn tells me that Andrew forgot that OUTSITS was good and he 
challenged it. That was the game, because he was unable to catch 
up thereafter.  The tables seem a bit better spaced today and the 
food is better, too. I agree, the mushroom soup was pretty tasty! 
He missed playing TEASPOON against Zev Kaufman. He found the 
SPOON, but couldn't find the TEA. He says he is happy to be here. 
He is getting used to all the smells of Toronto and all the sites, too. 

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