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CSC98 Commentary: Round 10

In his game against Len Borer, Jakob Teitelbaum outbingoed with 
TERRACE for 77, winning the game. Len had a loaded rack: 
NHQUISE, 38 points! Len playd DERAILeD and Jakob got down 
STeRILE. I also see NIDAL on the board. On the other end of this 
table, a battle of the directors is taking place: Siri Tillekeratne of the 
West and Bernard Gotlieb of the East.

I just took a challenge for Glenn Mosher in his game against Adam Logan. Adam tried DOORNAIL and it is a good word!

Board 2 this round featured Albert Hahn versus Shaun Goatcher, and Shaun pulled out the win, 398-392. Shaun played ARENOsE and Albert got down CRANNIES, through an open R. I also see LOATHERs through an open H. Albert is now 7-3 and Shaun is 8-2.

At board 1 Fern Lindzon lost to Jim Nanavati, 305-498. Fern tried EXTRADO and Jim challenged it off. In the place she'd vacated, he put down OPAQUE. Knowing her rack, he prevented her from bingoing again and she eventually played OX for 30. On their board I see SLOTTING, ORIGANs, FICHE (for 51), EMCEE (for 33), and FARAD.

Andrew Golding pulled out a big win against Zev Kaufman this round, 379-287. Andrew is now 6-4 and Zev an even 5-5. Andrew added ATIC to IDIOM, creating IDIOMATIC and AFORE for a nice sum. He didn't hold out much hope for the game at all. Zev opened with VAC and Andrew, holding a rack including QT, responded with QAT. Fortunately, within the next turn or so, Andrew picked up an S, which opened the board up. I see ANTISEX on their board and Andrew pointed out Zev's MOHEL.

Joel Wapnick scored big against Tim Anglin, 523-317. I see VIOLETS, TAHSILS, and ADDeX on their board.

Across the room Christina O'Sullivan pulled out a win over Lisa Kessler, 385-352. Christina played the nonbingo PROPMEN to an N (interesting word) and OCEANIc. Lisa got down BARItES.

Max Garfinkle pulled me over to inspect his game against Linda Espallardo, which she won by 19 points, 411-392. Her winning play was POLITICs. Linda was stuck with the Q, but Max couldn't get enough points to bridge the difference. In response to her opening play of BONITA, Max played ARSENAL and then later on AFEARED.

We've had a change in runner staff this afternoon and we have Brenda Megannety to thank again. Three older boys replaced the younger girls at the beginning of round 8. They are Emma's brother Connor Sharpe, Sean Street, and Mattew Stacey. A few games in they are completely up to speed. The only "disadvantage" I can see is that being a bit older, they tend to measure more than 12 inches in circumfrence, which makes them less able to weave between the tables. Their longer arms more than make up for this tiny setback!

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