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CSC98 Commentary: Round 13

Round 13

Joel Wapnick and Shaun Goatcher are at Table 1 with Sophia Ozorio and
Kate Doe annotating for today. Robin Pollick Daniel tells me, "Andrew
Golding won at table 2 against Jim Nanavati. Andrew had studied before
the tournament the word NONiIDAL and got to play it. He was rewarded
right after by playing the natural, gorgeous DUODENUM. As if admitting
defeat, Jim played BLEAK." On their board I also spy ALENCOn and

In a game against Adam Logan and Glenn Mosher, Adam successfully
challenged TARTANED off the board to play TrABEATE in the very same
place. Glenn had to challenge, but Adam's play stood. Adam ended up
winning and is now on a 4-game winning streak. Happy now, Joel and
Larry? The post-it notes of your messages have been winning rave

Hilda Schlechter is now 7-6 with a win over Ian Bell. She is having
such a good time during the tournament that she gave me a hug!

At board 1, Joel Wapnick pulled out a big win against Shaun Goatcher,
487-339. Kate Doe pointed out the bingos. Joel played LAVATION (through
Shaun's opening play of AVA), PINKIEs, and SOlITARY. Shaun got down
AILERON on a triple, INDORSEES, and CHEF for 59.

Fern Lindzon won a tough game, she says, against Jeff Parsons. At the
end game he picked up QU and had all consonants to go with them (hey,
this sounds like a game of mine!). The only open A created QUA one
short of the top triple lane. He had to play there and Fern played
RIATA for a bunch of points. Jeff got down INSULaR. She says the game
was won when she played RAP down to the bottom triple lane and followed
the next play with SAPONItE. Another lovely play occurred on the upper
right triple lane. VEIN was played up to the triple lane and she
tripled with SHELVE, then tripled again when she added RS for SHELVERS.
The game ended 360-321.

Lisa Deift and Michael Krepakevich had a recount after their game. She
still won, but he gained three points in the recount, making their
totals 327-321.

Unassuming Max Garfinkle came over and asked if I wanted to see his
triple-triple play. I tripped over the modem cord in my haste to see it
before the game was picked up. Against Jeff Fleetham he won, 507-367.
When I tried to take a photo of the board, Jeff said, "Should I shed
some tears so you can see how much it really hurt to see that go down?"
Max played the beautiful OVERTONE for 158 points! They split the blanks
as Jeff got down LeTTERS and Max played STAtURES.

Jakob Teitelbaum tells me that in this round's game, Bernard made a
gorgous parallel play when he placed TEXTILE below RENAILED, making,
ET, NE, AX, IT, LI, EL, and DE. That is some play! People were crowding
around his table to see the exact layout. You might ask, "why didn't
you take a picture then, Sherrie." Well, um, I was . . . doing
something else.

Fran Silver is "moving up in the world." She just got an over 500 game
against Lynda Wise.

John Chew points out to me that the top 5 players have all won their
last 4 games. And Joel Wapnick and Libero Paolella have won their last
5. Since Libero is playing Adam and James Cherry is playing Andrew
Golding, two of these winning streaks are going to come to an end.

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