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CSC98 Commentary: Round 15

Peter Robertson, an employee at the Ars & Letters Club, tells us
that he heard mention of this event twice this morning on 680 News
radio. He remembers them mentioning that the defending champion had
better watch out for Jim Nanavati! How true!

Mike Krepakevich lost to Jakob Teitelbaum, 464-333. Jakob opened with
PROMiSE and Michael later got down SEEPInG.

Board 1 just had a dynamite game between Joel Wapnick and Adam Logan,
with Adam pulling out the win 421-413.  Joel played OUTDATES, ZINCITES,
and TeLFORD. Adam opened with NOWAY and then played EUGENICS, DONATiVE,
and BEWRAY. Both annotators were blown away by the game. Sophia Ozorio,
annotating Joel said, " The score qas 361-374, Joel's lead, and Adam
spent nearly 5 minutes studying the board before he played MOS for 31
points. Joel responded with DINGE for 27 and then Adam played out with
FANEGA for 36 points for the win."

Sary Karanofsky had a great game against John Dafoe, 541-259. Sary
played eMACIATES, BArONET, and she opened with URITIC. She challenged
off two bingo attempts by John: ELUTIANS and LUNATES. She says, "I knew
they weren't good because I had just studied."

Quietly off in the corner of the room, Albert Hahn pulled out a win
over Linda Espallardo, 349-332. Albert played the natural HAIRLINE and
didn't much care for my joke about his. He called it a "defensive
struggle from the beginning."

Jim Nanavati won a beautiful game against Joe Peters, 455-376. Joe
played EtESIAN and Jim responded with ANDEsITE to the first E in Joe's
bingo. Later on Jim got down BONEMEAL and SIX for 45. Jim says he lost
3 games today, and he is at 10-5. I would have asked Joe about how he's
doing but he vanished for some air.

Zev Kaufman just won a game against Christina O'Sullivan, 412-367.

At board 2, Andrew Golding won the game against Shaun Goatcher,
413-312. In order to achieve this win, Andrew said he passed twice with
five tiles in the bag, because whoever drew the Q was going to get
stuck with it. Shaun ended up picking it. This win gives Andrew a
spread of +871. Shaun good naturedly said, "I sure hope I get a few
blanks in the last few games." Andrew explained to me he played VALIENT
through an I, saving R, but opening up the top left triple and the top
middle triple. Shawn played AVOW for 42, but with total luck, Andrew
picked ??OAIR and he played OuRARIs for 70 something (he almost played
it for more, but realized OT wasn't a word). Andrew later played
SPACIEST through an I and he would have played SPICATES against many
people, aiming to draw a challenge, but he knew he wouldn't draw a
challenge with Shaun, so he played the more normal word, SPACIEST. Ron
Hoekstra, overhearing us, informs us both SPICATES is a phoney, just

David Hayes is visiting with us again. He brought me a photocopy of his
November 1987 Saturday Night article on Joel Wapnick. The piece, medium
in length is good, but my favorite part is the large photo of Joel with
an array of blonde SCRABBLE tiles arranged across the left side of the
image and across the right side of Joel's face.

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