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Round 9 Commentary

Myna Wallin (ON), a division 3 player is now 4-5 and very happy. She just played Stephen Dennis and pulled out a 416-344 win. She played DISHINg, but wanted to play SHINDIg. Later in the game, she played SMATTER and hooked the S onto ZOON.

[photo of Fernandes] Division 4's Dan Rathberger is now 9-0 with a 448-240 victory over Scott McDougall. Also from Division 4, 11-year-old Leon Fernandes (pictured at left) is in 8th place (7-2, +556) after 9 rounds.

Jim Kramer (Division 1) says that it looks like Jim Geary has beaten him for about the 10th consecutive time. Jim K. played DISOwNS, but for the most part it was a low-scoring game. He looks forward to getting a win NEXT time. He plays Robert Kahn.

Division 2's Scott Appel (MA), is now 7-2 and he plays Erica Norris in round 10. His last game against Steve Ozorio was a "punt" game. No one wanted to open up the board and only little plays were coming out. Eventually, they both ended up paying for these tactics, because the board got VERY tight. Steve even went more than 4 minutes overtime, earning a 50 point penalty on his final score. It was 402-304.

Scott's won his first game today by 96 points. He played DIVING and his oppenent hooked an S on it to make DIVINGS on the triple word square. However, the foxy Scott knew DIVINGS was no good and challenged the play off the board..

Carla Strasburger (CA), and Ben Loiterstein (MA) just played round 9. Ben had CDENS?? and wanted to get the C on a triple letter when he played his bingo. He played ECDySoN, which means "an insect hormone." She went on to win anyway by 1 point. She went out with US hooked onto PIGS. Part of her win came from the 18 points on Ben's rack. She played ARTSIER (she is an artist, afterall) for her big play.

-- Sherrie Saint John, Internet Reporter, NSC98

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