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Round 10 Commentary

[photo of Lathrop] According to Tobin Lathrop (at left), Division 3 computer guru, the highest overall game in that division has been Robert Torrace's 588. The overall division 3 loss, was Mitchell Brook with a 435!

Adrian Mannella just stopped by and offered our staff (me included) Saure Gurken candies from Germany. He is living and working in England these days and brought them over for the competition. I won't say he looks green or anything, but I think he has been eating too many of them and wants us to help him finish them before he does and falls onto the floor in a diabetic coma. He claims they are for energy! He just just fell to Margaret Swanson. His record is 4-6, not bad for the strong Division 2 crowd, the largest division in the tournament. In today's first game he did well, started with QUiETED and it all went smoothly after that. :)

Libero Paolella (ON), from Division 1, was just paired with Richie Lund (NY). Libero managed a win! In round 9, he played Jim Pate (AL) and Libero was up about 60 points. He has a Q and a T on his rack. He is hpoing to play off the Q. There are 7 tiles in the bag. Outstanding there are two As, three Us, and both blanks. Jim bingos with pICTURE and takes the last 7 tiles in the bag. He gives Libero a U to play through and he can't take advantage of it! Jim picks up the last two As, the last two Us, and the last blank, sticking Libero with the Q. He then loses a game he was at one point up by 100 points. How frustrating! He is still sighing two rounds later! Oh, the luck of SCRABBLE®. He claims he got lucky against Richie, so it all balances out in the long run.:)

We aren't sure in which round this occurred, but expert Jan Dixon (DE), played EXECUTIVE as a non-bingo for 180 points. I will try to get more information on that as the day progresses.

The mighty Division 3 Michael Orford (WA) has fallen. In round 8 (hey, you get it when I get it!) he lost to Kevin Glenn, who was then 6-2. Must have been a great feeling for Kevin!

After round 10, Leon Fernandes, the aforementioned 11-year-old participant, is averaging 409 points per game He is 8-2 +752 and in third place after a 452-256 win over Kathi Cann (NY). High win through round 10 goes to Ellen Levine with a 583. Amazingly, 8 different people have scored over 500 in division 4 games. High loss so far is Tammy Sancrant with a 443. David Pearl is 10-0 after a 452-208 win over Dolores Muhich. Dan Rathberger now 10-0 after 471-283 win over Andrea Bauman.

Dave Wiegand (OR) has on a t-shirt today that he says his club gave him when he broke the 2000 mark. On the front it has a piece of toast and inside it is written: you are toast. And on the back it says: Member of the 2000 club.

-- Sherrie Saint John, Internet Reporter, NSC98

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