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Round 12 Commentary

[Pearl] Division 4 news: David Pearl (shown at left) is still supreme at 12-0. Diane Firstman, the computer guru for this division, figured out that his opponents are averaging only 288 points per game against him and he's averaging 377 against them! In this round, he beat Margaret Jester 371-314. Leon Fernandes, now is second place, after a 387-296 win over James Hosek. This is Leon's 6th win in a row! Dan Rathberger, currently in 3rd place, lost his second game in a row after a 10-0 start. Other divisional news: Joanne Hood has won 8 in a row (10-2 overall) and Noreen Kenny has won 5 in a row (9-3).

It should be noted that these word judges are working hard today! They are literally running around, answering challenges nonstop. This feat is even more impressive for Mike Coleman, Division 4's judge. He is recovering from a broken ankle and is still running around like he isn't in constant pain!

Division 3 news: Marlene Boyda defeated Mike Orford (WA) 384-314. Vivienne Muhling (ON) beat up on Lee Cooper (MA) by eking out a one-point win, 362-361. Carl Madden had a high-scoring win against Kaye Kiker, 443-208. In a game with Barbara Besadny, Elizabeth Wood (OR) almost doubled her opponent's score with a 407-210. Rosemarie Ryan was out sick Sunday and had to forfeit all her games that day. She came back today 350 points down with 7 losses.

Brian "BigDoggy" Wagner went out last night after the games to a local karaoke club. As he tells it, "Bruce Adams gave his rendition of 'Words' (originally by the Bee Gees). John "Pioneer" Babina kicked tail with 'Mac the Knife,' then amazed us all by knowing all the words to R.E.M.'s 'End of the World.'" Brian did the blues covers and everyone had a swell time.

I'm told in a little note left on my chair that two very important nephews are out there reading this material. And I've got something special to pass on to them: "Jeff Parsons (NF) says 'hi' to Rick and Charlie." He then goes on to tell me what a tremendous job I am doing, so how can I deny him this little personal hello?

In Division 2, Paul McCarthy beat Erica Norris, 544-245. A 298-point spread, the high win for round 12.

Other news from the last round:

In round 11, division 4's Susan Herdic had an incredible score of 456-163 against Toni Nicholson.

Division 2 saw Adrian Mannella (GBR) beat Virginia Hampton, 510-287, with a 223 point spread. She is 5-6 overall and in 77th place. Verna Jackson has the division's overall high win with 591 in round 6. She played Edna Miller who got a 244. That 347-point spread is the largest tournament spread thus far. Lee Moore has the overall high loss with 464. She was playing Betty Cornelison in round 6 and lost to Betty's 468.

-- Sherrie Saint John, Internet Reporter, NSC98

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