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Round 7 Commentary

[Board: Odom vs. Barrett] As I walked around the room this round, I saw a completed board from a game between Adam Logan and Amnuay Ploysangngam, division 1. On their board I spotted: DUMKA, AERY, OURANG, VOTABLE, NISI, HYTE, and COMBERS. Next I saw a division 2 board between Joseph Connelly and Wendell Haynes. I saw SPEARING, CURTaIN, DOUSERS, and GAINERs.

Su Edwards and Michael Orford, division 3 players, told me about a play in round 6. Michael played QUARTIlE, through an I for 102 points! Michael won that game 402-286, and he even provided a definition for me, "Quartile, a portion of a frequency distribution."

In their round 7 game at Table 15 in division 1, Lisa Odom (MI) finally lost a game to Pat Barrett (TX), 426-347. Lisa got down TRoAKEd, but Pat outbingoed her with UXORIAL, STOTINKA, and IRONLESS (a phoney). They end the day both at 6-1. Lewis Martinez lost a close one to Charnwit Sukhumrattanaporn, 354-396. Their board had these words: RAGOUTS, ETATISM, HOgmANAY, and FUBSIEST. In the same division, Mark Przybyszewski beat Jack Eichenbaum, 417-322. Jack got down ERSATZEs for 101 points, too!

Also in division 1, Joel Horn defeated Steven Alexander, 377-371. Joel played EGGhEADS through an A, and REDEATS. Steven played PODESTA and OLEFINS.

In a round 7, division 4 game between Dolores Muhich vs Robin Schlauch, Dolores won 406-365. She played ROUTINGS and EVEnEST. Robin said, "She had both blanks and both bingos and I only lost by 40 points!" Dolores is now 6-1 +113 and Robin is 4-3 +154.

Just ran into Ed Ugarte (division 3) and Violet DiTommaso (division 4), both from New York. He won one game today and she won two. They always have fun playing SCRABBLE® and they met playing the game. Ed said he is looking forward to playing anagrams tonight. He said, "Joel Sherman is the best."

Division 1's Lester Schonbrun is 6-1 after today's games. He finishes on a high with a win against Libero Paolella (ON), 384-304. Same division, Marlon Hill tells me he has ended his 3-game losing streak with a win. He is now 4-3.

Scott McDougall, from division 4, is 5-2 now. He scored a 398 is round 6 and played no bingos. Same division, Varney Senii (NY), tells me that he is 3-4. This is only his third tournament. He played in two of Ginger White's tournaments before coming to Chicago. Brave man!

Division 3's Gregg Foster (MA) is 4-3 +370. He just lost to Peg Whitten. He was up by 100 some points and she ended up winning by 82 with an onslaught of high-point tiles. Same division, Carl Madden is now 4.5-2.5. He tells me that he somehow won his last game against Steven Dennis with a rack full of vowels!

As this round wraps up, contestants are ushered out of the room for the day's second manual check of scores. Since running a smooth tournament is of the utmost importance, contestants are only handing in one small slip after each round telling the game's results. However, after each morning's 4-game session and then again after each afternoon's 3-game session, each card is checked by hand. It is a laborious project that requires at least two and sometimes three people per division. Once the cards are assembled in order, a word judge sits beside a computer guru and reads off win/loss records and spread. If there is a discrepency, the other contestant card must be located and checked. The hard-working computer staff only gets lunch after this chore is completed.

-- Sherrie Saint John, Internet Reporter, NSC98

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