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Division 1, Round 30.
Table 9: Ira Cohen 473 vs. Iffy Onyeonwe 381.
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Division 1 Winner Brian Cappelletto meets the press before Round 31.

More of Cappelletto and the press.

Cappelletto receiving his ceremonial check for $25,000.

Brian being interviewed by ?


Division 2, Round 31.
Board 1: Jerry Scheiten (22-8 +1058) vs. Josh Silber (21-9 +1210). To win the division, Scheiten needs to win the game, Silber needs to win the game by at least 77 points.
Board 2: Norma Fisher (21-9 +838) vs. Roy Dixon (21-9 +689). Fisher could win the division, if Scheiten and Silber tie and she beats Dixon by at least 221 points.
Board 3: Sal Dijamco (20-10 +1399) vs. Lawren Freebody (20-10 +1091). Either player could finish as high as third place, winning $1200, or be completely out of the money.
Board 4: Christina O'Sullivan (20-10 +1015) vs. Glenn Dunlop (20-10 +710).

Division 3, Round 31.
Board 1: Ben Loiterstein (22-7-1 +1663) vs Michael Orford. Loiterstein has clinched first place.
Board 2: Pat Badgley (21-9 +855) vs. Bob Denn (20-9-1 +822).
Board 3: Heather McCall (20-9-1 +717) vs. Jennifer Hildebrant (20-10 +1714).
Board 4: Gigi Miller (20-10 +996) vs. Michelle Davis (20-10 +468).

Division 4, Round 31.
Board 1: Joanne Hood (22-8 +624) vs. David Pearl (21-9 +1781). Winner of game wins division.
Board 2: Ruth Patrick (21-9 +851) vs. Kevin Schutz (20-10 +1446).
Board 3: Jason Bednarz (20-10 +1276) vs. Ann Mirabito (20-10 +957).
Board 4: Gene Tyszka (20-10 +467) vs. Andrea Bauman (20-10 +413).

Division 1, Round 31.
Annotators Rosemarie Lietzell and Milt Wertheimer.
Board 2: Jim Geary (20-10 +994) vs. Jere Mead (20-10 +861). Winner of this game could place as high as second, winning $10,000, or as low as seventh, winning $800.
Board 3: Zev Kaufman (20-10 +307) vs. Jim Kramer (19-11 +1363).
Board 4: Ron Tiekert (19-11 +914) vs. Sammy Okosagah (19-11 +896).

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