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Round 16 Commentary

Vivian Minden (ON), division 2, is visiting with me now. At lunch, she and Lisa Kessler (ON), also from division 2, will be heading out to procure SCRABBLE® lunch boxes. I have one on my table and there are a few around the room. Harmony Kuller bought out Filene's Basement in town last night by taking all 8 they had left on the shelves.

In round 15, Vivian got Os and As coming out of her ears. She traded, she got them back. She could nothing. However, at the end of that rotten game, her pull was JOKE?, and she thought, "That says it all!." Her last game, she could do no wrong. She played three bingos starting with ATOnIES, SIDECAR, and MARGINS. So, as they say, the SCRABBLE® luck goes and comes, like the tides.....

Gregg Foster (MA) is set to play Bob Smith in round 17. He asks if I have any advice. I suggest he offer to purchase many sets of protiles as soon as the game is over to distract Bob. In round 15 Gregg played Stefan Fatsis (NY) and Stefan creamed him. Gregg was down by 115 and "Stefan had everything." In Round 16 he played Nancy Jessup and eked out a win of 393-332. His final play against Nancy came after she bingoed with REINVENT to the double word, he played SUQS, creating REINVENTS for 50.

Myna Wallin (ON), Division 3, just excitedly ran up to me to announce, "Sherrie, I just played a 515 point game! I even had 4 bingos: ARRESTS (88), ENDOGENY (92), UnITARDS (66), and hen she played wINTERED (75). Before this last play, however, she tried the triple-triple tREELINE and it got challenged off. Her opponent, John Terrell, got 359 points. He played two bingos, one was HILLIEST.

Siri Tillekeratne (AB), just played Joan Mocine (CA) and they tied at 370. Siri put down TANNERY, which he thinks is a phony, but Joan didn't challenge. She got down the bingo TOELESS.

Two ties in Division 3 this time. Tony Anzaldi and Muriel Linton both got 361 and Mike Sherman and Kaaren Dolinsky both got 379.

Marlene Boyda from division 3 sent me two notes: "Hi Robin & Chestnut, Wish you were here. So far so good. Keep rooting for me." "Hello Dean, Trying to hang tough, but there's a long way to go!" Marlene is 9-6 after this round of play.

In Division 4, word guru Diane fills me in on lots of developments. Wanell Kelsey beat Alan Love 513-230. First and second place (David Pearl and Dan Rathberger) both lost this round, Rathberger by 168. Noreen Kenny defeated Dolores Muhich, 523-219. This 30-point spread is the largest in division 4 thus far. Mary Kay Micke beat Arlene Lane, 531-224. So what I just told you one line ago is now wrong: 307 is the largest spread in this division! From our lips to your ears. :)

Nine players are now within one game of 1st place. Lena Nornam is now 8-8, -8!

-- Sherrie Saint John, Internet Reporter, NSC98

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