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Round 17 Commentary

Alan Stern just came up to me and told me that he will be playing Mark Landsberg the next round. They hope to have a rematch of their famous game: both men are in the Guiness Book of World Records for their game a few years back. Mark got his famous 770 and their combined total was the highest ever in a SCRABBLE® game.

Steven Alexander, Division 1, got a 583 against Randy Greenspan, who had 302. It was a 4 bingos to 1 situation. MUEDDINS was Steven's favorite bingo.

Jack Jones, division 3, just played Mary Mouch. He was victorious, 400-385. He had two bingos: NATIVES and NEAREsT. Mary played LUPINEs. It was a tight game and Jack won by her rack, which was loaded with 20 points!

In Division 2, Rosetta Brooks and Ruth Sawyer played a game where Ruth went over on her clock 13 minutes. The final score was 409-130. That must have been a tight board.

An interesting situation: the Francis family, here from Toronto, has one family member in each division. Ray is in 1, his father Hy is in 2, Ray's wife Karen is in 3, and Hy's wife Vinnette is in 4. Talk about a family affair!

Pam Grazette, division 2 word judge just told me that all her walking still didn't prepare her for the vigors of word judging. She says, "I feel every muscle in my body, even ones I didn't know I had!"

Division 3's Nancy Schultz beat Karen Francis with a 506-236 win. And just as exciting, Ron MacNeil (NH) had 523 to his opponent William Palmer's 260.

In division 4, 1st place Dan Rathberger tied Madelon Krissoff with a 349. David Pearl, once 13-0, drops his 4th game in a row to Mark Becker, 344-343. Now, that is one tough loss.

-- Sherrie Saint John, Internet Reporter, NSC98

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