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Round 23 Commentary

Scott McDougall (MA) just had a GREAT game! He played three 8-letter bingos: HAIRNeT, UPROAREd, and the natural PLEDGERS through an E. Scott is in Division 4, what a feat! And, by the way, he won the game, 438-267. He also had a 62-point play with the X, FAXED, XI, EN, and DEW. His opponent played the phony EW and he let it go so that he could get down this huge play.

Two slips of paper appeared on my chair. One says, "Joyce Zmorzynski opened with BOOZILY for 98 points and it was challenged!" The other says, "Flashiest Bingo, BLOOMERS, played by Julia Bogle-Karnes, 3rd division."

Tobin Lathrop, division 3 computer guru, tells me that Marlene Boyda just defeated Gregg Foster, 400-397. Such a close game.

Division 4's Jason Bednarz (currently in 7th place) just defeated David Pearl (currently 3rd place), 512-264. After 23 rounds, three people lead with 17-6 records: Rosetta Donelick (+893), who just had her 9-game winning streak snapped, Andrea Bauman (+592), and Joanne Hood (+515).

In the under-1000 subdivision of division 4, Brenda Dede at 15-8, +469, is the new leader.

Rosemarie Lietzell, a division 1 annotator, has spent much of the tournament annotating Brian Cappelletto's games. As I walked by her at the completion of round 23 she whispered, "Brian had no bingos in round 23." For most of us, a bingo-less game is a fairly common phenomenon, for Brian, it is unheard of!

-- Sherrie Saint John, Internet Reporter, NSC98

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