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Round 24 Commentary

Adam Logan (MA) just defeated Avi Moss 476-431, bringing his record to 15-9. The highlight of the game for him was playing the natural ZAPATEOS for 110; the lowlight, perhaps, was having his natural CURLICUE blocked.

Gregg Foster just got a triple-triple (RETIRING) for 131... high play of the day so far.

Billie Garver, division 3, is back today. She was the one who was out yesterday due to what might have been a heart complication. She is 3-0 for the day so far and illustrating what a day off can do for a person's SCRABBLE® play! We are delighted to have her back and in good shape.

Christina O'Sullivan (WA), but she is really a Canadian and don't forget it) is now in first place in Division 2. She is 18-6 +1012. She has won all three games today. I think her dress, from Peach Berserk, is the key to her success. That and her high heels. She just "towers" over her opponents. More on her after this game ends.

Judy Horn (MA) stopped by and said, "I've gone from low pretty good to high mediocre." Today she's played David Weisberg, 14, Jim Dodds, and Harriet Strasberg. Judy lost the last game by a lot, which she figured was fair since she'd beaten Harriet in an earlier game this tournament.

In Division 1 news, Joel Horn (MA) just scored a 547 to Steve Oliger's 238. In a similarly scored game, Dennis Kaiser beat Jeff Fleetham (AB), 570-248. Pardon me for getting personal here, but it is such a delight for me to see Jeff in the expert division. It wasn't more than two years ago when I first met him, struggling his way up the ranks, playing the likes of me in the lower divisions. I guess those cold, Canadian winter months were designed for SCRABBLE® study! Regardless of his eventual placement (whether in the money or not), Jeff is a winner just for being there!

In a one-point decision, Steve Pellinen (MN) defeated David Boys (QC), 466-465. Without having seen them do one, I bet there was a recount on that game!

Brian Knudson beat Audrey Dion (ON), 525-267, in the fourth division. In other division 4 news, Dan Rathberger regains 1st place with a 17-6-1 +1024 record. There are five people at 17-7 and two at 16-7-1 (separated by 1 point of spread). Kevin Schutz is 16-8 and has won six games in a row.

Harmony Kuller's Division 3 opponent, Kitty Steinwand, bingo-ed out with NAILERS, sticking Harmony with this rack: FAWNEZX. The 59-point rack total added to the out-bingo, gave Kitty the win, 427-326.

Trey Wright, now ranked second, and Brian, ranked first, will play together in Round 25. They are 2 and 3 games up on the competition right now in division 1.

-- Sherrie Saint John, Internet Reporter, NSC98

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