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Melbourne, Australia
November 3 - 7

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U.S. Team Qualifications

Ten players were determined on the basis of their qualifying ratings, based on a minimum of 70 games played in at least 4 different tournaments between May 1, 1998 and May 1, 1999, including 25 games in the last 5 months or 15 games in the last 3 months of the qualifying period. Jere Mead is the only player who qualified but cannot attend. The remaining 3 places were determined by a Qualifying Tournament run by NSA Director Mary Rhoades in Euless Texas in June 1999. Joel Sherman qualifies to attend as reigning World Champion.

Canadian Team Qualifications

Three players qualified on the basis of their ratings, based on a minimum of 60 games played between February 1, 1998 and May 31, 1999. The remaining two players were determined by a Qualifying Tournament organized by NSA Director John Chew and directed by Joel Wapnick and David Boys in Toronto in June 1999. Joel Wapnick qualifies to attend as the reigning Canadian SCRABBLE® Champion.


24 round modified Swiss. The 24 games will run through to Saturday evening with the top 2 players contesting a 5 game final on Sunday. Players will not play any one from the same country in Round 1. No player will play any other player more than once per day. Result sheets will be posted after each round.


As in other World SCRABBLE® Championships both the Official SCRABBLE® Words, 3rd Edition (OSW) and the Official Tournament and Club Word List (OWL) are allowable. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate, 10th Edition and Chambers will be used for adjudication over 9 letters. There are free challenges.


"Spot Prizes" will be given each round. There is also a $35,000 prize package:
1st: $15,000     5th: $1,500      9th: $400     13th: $200
2nd:   6,000     6th:  1,250     10th:  400     14th:  200
3rd:   3,000     7th:  1,000     11th:  300     15th:  200
4th:   2,000     8th:    750     12th:  300     16th:  200

Fun Facts

  • This event is alternately hosted every two years by Hasbro/National SCRABBLE® Association and Mattel. The first one was in England in 1991.
  • Countries asked to play for the first time: Cameroon, Poland, India, Switzerland & Zambia.
  • Countries playing for the first time: Cameroon, Poland & India
  • Countries asked but unable to attend: Israel, Liberia
  • 35 countries playing
  • Reigning World Champion, Gulf Champion & British Champion also invited
  • 3 Previous Champions* are competing in 1999
    • 1997: Joel Sherman, U.S.A. *
    • 1995: David Boys, Canada *
    • 1993: Mark Nyman, U.K. *
    • 1991: Peter Morris, Canada


Wednesday, November 3rd
Opening Reception will be hosted by Mattel at the event hotel, the Carlton Crest in Melbourne. All contestants are invited to bring a guest.
Thursday, November 4th
8 rounds beginning at 8:00 AM
Friday, November 5th
8 rounds beginning at 8:00 AM
Saturday, November 6th
8 rounds beginning at 8:00 AM
Sunday, November 7th
Best of 5 games is played between the top two players. It is open to the contestants as well as the public. Play should end no later than 6:00 PM An Award Ceremony follows shortly thereafter.

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