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Melbourne, Australia
November 3 - 7

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Joel Wapnick defeats Mark Nyman 623-308 in Round 1.

JoelW                                   MarkN
CHAPLET  8c   CHAPLET         +86   86  NOOODRU   d8  HONOUR          +18   18
EIOHRRZ 10b   ZONER           +36  122  AAADEIO  9f   AIA             +14   32
EIIHKRT 10h   TIKI            +21  143  DOEAEUQ 13a   QUARE           +28   60
FILTHER   k5  FILTHIER       +106  249  SEAOMED 12g   SEADROME        +74  134
WAR?LE?   o6  WARbLEs         +85  334  WAYAINI   l3  WAY             +26  160
EEICRSV 14e   SCRIEVE         +78  412  NAINISO   m8  INSOMNIA        +72  232
OUBNTTV 15l   VATU            +33  445  DGPGAMB  2k   GAMB            +28  260
EOBFNTX 11c   BOX             +46  491  DDPGDNU       -DDDGPN          +0  260
EOJFNTY   n5  JOY             +27  518  EUIRLTE  3l   WEIL            +26  286
EOFGNTP   o1  PELF            +49  567  ERTUDIN   h14 ID               +9  295
NDGOGNT   b12 DUNG            +12  579  ERTUIND  5d   DENTURIFY       +82  377
                                        ERTUIND       --              -82  295
OOGNST    n10 ONE             +13  592  ERTUIND  5d   RETUNDIFY       +82  377
                                        ERTUIND       --              -82  295
OGST     6j   GIS             +19  611  ERTUIND   i1  DUNITE          +13  308
OT       1g   TOD             +12  623
              (R)              +1  624                (R)              -1  307

   a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o
   -----------------------------      Player Tiles Score 
 1|=     '     T O D     '     P|1
 2|  -       "     U " G A M B E|2    JoelW          624 
 3|    -       '   N     W E I L|3    MarkN  R       307 
 4|'     -       ' I     A     F|4
 5|        -       T   F Y   J  |5    The game is over.
 6|  "       "     E G I S   O W|6
 7|    '       '   '   L   ' Y A|7
 8|=   C H A P L E T   T ' I   R|8
 9|    ' O   A I A '   H   N   b|9
10|  Z O N E R   T I K I   S O L|10
11|    B O X           E   O N E|11
12|' D   U     S E A D R O M E s|12
13|Q U A R E   '   '       N    |13
14|  N     S C R I E V E   I -  |14
15|= G   '       D       V A T U|15
   a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o

Online Kibitzing

Several expert players followed the game online. An edited transcript of their commentary is provided below. Players are identified as follows: Ann (Sanfedele), Erica (Norris), Joey (Mallick), Rich (Baker), SOPH (Ebrima S Saye), Steven (Alexander), diane1 (Firstman), (Susan) hoover, j(ohanna )laite, krusty (Jakob Teitelbaum), leolard (Nick Deller), martin (Reed), p2 (John Chew), panchax (Randy Greenspan), paulsid (Paul Sidorsky), plant (Fern Lindzon), ricky (Purnomo), zem (Martin DeMello).
> JoelW:   k5  FILTHIER       +106  249  

diane1 says "the tile gods are smiling on joelw so far"
panchax says "god yes"
ricky says "have you seen his latest rack?"
SOPH says "more like carrying him on their wings"
Rich says "seadrome"
Ann says "Hope that 200 point comeback by Nyman way back when doesn't creep into Joel's mind"
Ann says "this is NERVE UM RACKING"
plant laughs
SOPH says "wapnick has another bingo prone rack"

> MarkN: 12g   SEADROME        +74  134  

> JoelW:   o6  WARbLEs         +85  334  SEADROMEs

diane1 says "ouch .... a body blow by joelw"
Rich says "good tiles, at joel's service."
panchax says "another bing yet"
Ann says "asthetically pleasing bingo"
plant says "gee"
krusty says "almost EVISCERATE 1h!"

> MarkN:   l3  WAY             +26  160  FY

Ann [to krusty]: "figuratively we hope"
SOPH says "markn has n8 INSOMNIA"
panchax kibitzes: "service"

> JoelW: 14e   SCRIEVE         +78  412  ES

ricky says "hope mark sees it"
Ann says "nice"
ricky says "it still can go down"
Rich says "why not 14d service?"
diane1 says "ouch ..... a huge uppercut to the chin"
panchax kibitzes: "very nice"
Steven [to Rich]: "less bingo chance this way -- blocks left and right"
Ann says "the v in scrieve more defensive"
SOPH says "hope qis doesn't clowd mark"
diane1 says "I don't think Joel has a bingo rack :P"
Ann  great minds steven
Joey says "yep, if you throw uppercuts, you better be able to block left and right"
paulsid hopes Joel isn't using up all his luck in one shot!
leolard hopes he is!
SOPH says "he saw it too"
Rich says "Scrieve probably scores more too.  Didn't see both the C and V on tls."
martin says "i sure hope he is"
ricky says "after 6 bingos, this kind of rack bound to come out"

> MarkN:   m8  INSOMNIA        +72  232  

diane1 says "good boy Mark"

> JoelW: 15l   VATU            +33  445  

martin says "anybody bring any beer?"
diane1 says "for Mark to cry in ???"
Rich has some in the refrigerator
krusty snickers
Ann says "ann has scrabble players beer DOS XX"

> MarkN:  2k   GAMB            +28  260  AWAY

SOPH is enjoying his Tuborgs now
martin says "joel will be sorry for this"
panchax kibitzes: "its only first game"
Rich says "no beer for krusty..."
Joey yeah, I need something sweet
krusty will have some milk, please. :)
Rich [to martin]: "Such a partisan"
Ann  offers joey hersey bar
martin says "well I upset a few on CGP ;-P"
Joey declines, has dinner waiting in 5 minutes - wish I had a vertical scroll bar :(
plant says "fox 11c"

> JoelW: 11c   BOX             +46  491  OB, EX

diane1 says "Mark is now seeing the rack in 3-D :("
krusty's isn't either
Steven's Shockwave isn't being updated
diane1 says "steven ..... nobody's is"
p2's is.
martin says "my shockwave isnt"
diane1 says "it might be an IE thing"
Rich says "p has always been special though."

> MarkN:       -DDDGPN          +0  260  

diane1 says "coequal"
Rich checks GAMBO in OSW3.
The word is acceptable.
panchax kibitzes: "only a or e"
krusty kibitzes: "gambe, no?"
martin checks GAMBE in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is acceptable.
Rich says "o1 joey is a killer"
Joey  :)
panchax kibitzes: "oh ssowpods forgot already  lol"
ricky says "joel missed it"

> JoelW:   n5  JOY             +27  518  OW, YA

plant says "hmm"
Rich says "pity, but spread doesn't matter."
zem says "yeah, but it'd have felt good"
plant says "oh- just win loss"
Ann says "who is watching with shockwave?"
zem is
ricky  raises hand
Ann says "do you see the people or just the board?"
krusty is trying to...
SOPH  is
hoover is
Joey says "wouldn't have scored as much this turn without the E he saved"
ricky says "just board"
Erica says "what is shockwave?"
zem says "just the board"
Rich says "reticule"
martin says "I am but not updating"
Ann says "ah -- I wanna know if Joel is wearing his lucky red shirt"
zem says "it's a program for live webcasting of images"

> MarkN:  3l   WEIL            +26  286  ME, BI

plant says "will there be pics, John?"

> JoelW:   o1  PELF            +49  567  GAMBE

You page plant: "yes, later tonight or tomorrow"
diane1 says "ouch"

panchax kibitzes: "how lopsided can it get"
Joey kibitzes: "even more lopsided than Joel's victory in the CNSC last year"
p2 believes DOS in bag
diane1 says "maybe mark wishes he WERE here instead"
Joey kibitzes: "exactly"
diane1 says "reunify .... (for what its worth ... get it over with)"
Ann [to Rich]: "i wa s wondering too"

> MarkN:   h14 ID               +9  295  

MarkN draws one tile from the bag.
p2 says "Mark successfully fishes for the other D."
zem [to p2]: "point"
zem says "ob is osw if nothing else"
Joey don't think he'll break the 643 high, but close

> JoelW:   b12 DUNG            +12  579  

paulsid says "Who had 643?"

> MarkN:  5d   DENTURIFY       +82  377  

krusty says "!"
ricky says "suresh chinaiyah, sri lanka"
Ann says "whoa!"
martin says "brilliant"
ricky says "desperation move"
Ann says "oblig challenge"
paulsid says "That's not in lexpert..."
diane1 says "hmmmm"
panchax says "wowsers"
Rich says "phony"
plant says "that good?"
ricky says "if he were sure, he would have played it before, wouldn't he?"
paulsid says "Nice try though."
Ann says ""pretty classy tho"
zem says "i liked it :)"
zem says "perzackly"
Erica says "really nice try"
panchax says "rudentify"
plant says "well, doesnt matter anyways"
Rich says "undeify"
martin says "my shockwave does not update at all"
diane1 says "to gum one's food repeatedly while waitiong for dentures"

> MarkN:       --              -82  295  
> JoelW:   n10 ONE             +13  592  SOL, ONE
> MarkN:  5d   RETUNDIFY       +82  377  

Ann says "oh comeon mark"
zem says "entrudify"
Steven says "Too bad spread doesn't count!"
plant says "really?"
zem could invent iffy words all day :)
leolard says "Give it up Mark, for heaven's sake!"

> MarkN:       --              -82  295  

diane1 says "swinging for the fences again"
Ann [to plant]: "right -- unequal number of games"
Ann says "what if they go 2-2 and tie though?"
Steven could invent iffy words, too
zem says "lol"
krusty smiles
diane1 says "they wrestle best 2-of-3 falls"

> JoelW:  6j   GIS             +19  611  AWAYS

plant says "guess that ends the iffy words"
p2 says "setting up retinudgis!  :)"
Ann says "but seriously folks..."
diane1 says "LOL"
Ann says "if 2-2 tie doesnt spread count?"
paulsid wonders too
Ann says "right"

> MarkN:   i1  DUNITE          +13  308  EGIS

jlaite says "another as in a sixth???"
Ann says "does anyone KNOW for sure tho"
Ann says "well he got his 600 game"
zem says "maybe they get tossed into a ring with net and trident"
diane1 says "lets ask poslfit .... he knows everything! :)"
Ann says "is ot good in sowpods?"
JoelW says "John's computer crashed"
plant laughs
JoelW says "He'll be back soon."
ricky says "no"
Ann says "yikes"

> JoelW:  1g   TOD             +12  623  

Ann says "yayayaayayayay!"

> JoelW:       (R)              +2  625  
> Final scores: JoelW 625, MarkN 308

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