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Melbourne, Australia
November 3 - 7

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Joel Wapnick defeats Mark Nyman 403-402 in Round 4 to become the new World SCRABBLE® Champion!

MarkN                                   JoelW
EEINNOU  8h   ENNUI           +12   12  ?IIORSV   m7  ISOgRIV         +78   78
OEYECHI   j6  HONEY           +27   39  IOUFNRR   k7  FUROUR          +30  108
                                        IOUFNRR       --              -30   78
ECICEMD   k3  MICE            +21   60  IOUFNRR   i10 FOUR            +16   94
?ECDIAZ  4g   lAICIZED        +90  150  IULNSTR   h12 NURL            +20  114
EVPRIKG   h1  RIVAGE          +30  180  EIFLSST 14b   STIFLERS        +84  198
PKPNAEH 15a   KHAN            +46  226  AAAALTW  2j   TALA            +15  213
PEPUAOE  3m   PEA             +23  249  AAEIODW 13a   WAIDE           +39  252
PUOEEMA  1m   PEA             +23  272  AAODRLT 13g   DURAL           +13  265
MUOEGEB  9b   EMBOGUE         +68  340  AOBRSTT   b4  TABORETS        +68  333
NTWJOQI   a7  JO              +42  382  EODGTXY   c2  DEOXY           +50  383
QIWNTON   b1  QI              +28  410  GRT     12l   GIRT            +12  395
              (WNTON)          +8  402  WNTON         (WNTON)          +8  403

   a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o
   -----------------------------      Player Tiles Score Time
 1|= Q   '       R       ' P E A|1
 2|  I D     "   I   T A L A -  |2    MarkN  WNTON   402 1:43
 3|    E       ' V '   M   P E A|3    JoelW          403 0:21
 4|' T O -     l A I C I Z E D '|4
 5|  A X   -     G     C        |5    
 6|  B Y     "   E   H E     "  |6    
 7|J O '       '   ' O     I    |7   
 8|O R   '       E N N U I S   =|8
 9|  E M B O G U E ' E     O    |9  
10|  T       "     F Y     g "  |10 
11|  S     -       O   -   R    |11
12|'     -       N U     G I R T|12
13|W A I D E   D U R A L   V    |13
14|  S T I F L E R S "       -  |14
15|K H A N       L       '     =|15
   a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o

Barry Harridge writes:

During the last stages of the fourth game, the atmosphere was electric. At times, each player buried his head in his hands. Mark was sweating, and ran his hands through his hair frequently. Joel at times muttered almost inaudible imprecations. Near the end, the J, Q and Z were yet to be played. Scores were close, and with two tiles left in the bag, neither player knew whether the unaccounted tiles would be a help or a hindrance. Mark Nyman played JO for 42 from his rack of NTWJOQI with trembling hands and picked up NO. Although this put Mark 49 points ahead, he said later that he was aware that if Joel had the right tiles that he could play DEOXY for 50 which indeed Joel did.

Mark's difficult rack of QIWNTON was at least helped considerably by QI, that wo rd which everyone had said would alter the game immeasurably. It certainly made for a nailbiting finish to this game. The Achilles' heel of this rack was not the Q but the inconveniently high value W. After Mark played QI for 28, Joel was able to go out with GIRT and secure victory by one point. Although both players were aware that Joel had won, there was some confusion because Joel, under the stress of the moment, had counted Mark's remaining tiles WNTON in the North American style as +16 to Joel and 0 to Mark rather than +8 to Joel and -8 to Mark in the British/Australian style.

Just to be sure, each move was recounted, amidst a buzz and confusion of excitement.

Mark and Joel were so evenly matched and undoubtedly at the very top of Scrabble ability that it made for a thrilling finish. They had played each other three times during the m ain twenty-four game series, and Mark had won twice. Philip Nelkon, in his presentation speech, harked back to 1993 when Mark and Joel had played off and then Mark had won. He remarked that this proved that they were indistinguishable in prowess. Joel acknowledged in his speech that Mark had played superbly given the tiles that he had received.

Online Kibitzing

Several expert players followed the game online. An edited transcript of their commentary is provided below. Players are identified as follows: Andrew (Golding), Ann (Sanfedele), avigator (Avi Moss), brenda (Megannety) diane1 (Firstman), Erica (Morris), Joey (Mallick), krusty (Jakob Teitelbaum), leolard (Nick Deller), Luise (Shafritz), Marlene (Milkent), marvin42 (Amit Chakrabarti), mauiboy (Ken Smith), merrill (Merrill Kaitz), p2 (John Chew), panchax (Randy Greenspan), paulsid (Paul Sidorsky), plant (Fern Lindzon), Rich (Baker), SallyR(icketts), SamK(antimathi), Sherrie (Saint John), shmuxti (Jere Mead), simonsez (Carol Harvey) SOPH (Ebrima S Saye), Steven (Alexander), taqi (Edward Okulicz), Wolf (Zev Kaufman), zem (Martin DeMello),
Andrew [to plant]: "I'm still not here - I'm downstairs!"
paulsid says "rehi"
paulsid finally got Shockwave installed.
JoelW joins Rich.
JoelW returns
Steven [to JoelW]: "What'd you eat?"
JoelW grins
Rich thinks rich is easy to type, so people always join me.
JoelW says "Not much, probably"
JoelW agrees
Steven [to Rich]: "Yeah, the alternating-hand typing"
Rich says "It is very easy for me to type anyways... plenty of practice"
Steven tests not having to cut+paste (that "unplayed" set should reflect the board as it shows here)
paulsid says "What was the problem with doing that to begin with?"
Rich opines that s p2 or ann would be easier to type than rich
Steven finds the current Shockwave testpattern informative, but wonders what differentiates them as get updates from them as don't.
Rich says "sa I mean"
Steven [to Rich]: "You remind me of the painful fact that Sherrie got 's', not I."
Ann says "ann returns to observe her name being bandied about..."
Ann says "early on I switched from annsan to ann for purposes of sparing folks fingers when typing my name here"
Marlene joins JoelW.
Steven [to avajillion]: "But you didn't get "a".  Doesn't that pain you?"
Rich could never have hoped to get r
Marlene came to get a good seat:)
paulsid has been meaning to secure ps but never gets around to it...
Steven thinks it funny that someone thought there could be a limit to seating in this room.
Ann squeezes in
JoelW grins
Rich thinks there could be a limit if the programmer uses an 8 bit variable to enumerate the objects in the room.
p2 says "JoelW is present, waiting on MarkN."
JoelW says "likewise. :)"
Ann says "once again ann would like to know what joel is wearing :)"
Ann says "red striped golf shirt???"
p2 [to Rich]: "objects are identified by unlimited length strings, practical limit is number of open file descriptors."
plant says "guess we'll have to wait for the pics"
diane1 says "clean underwear??? in case he gets run over by the Nyman Express in the next 2 games????"
Steven laughs d1ward
Ann says "perish the thought"
Ann [to plant]: "i duunno what we are going to do with these characters"
paulsid says "Start Mark's clock!  :-)"
Steven [to p2]: "does Kevin have any troubleshooting suggestion for getting Shockwave updates?"
diane1 says "we've secretly replaced Mark Nyman with Ida Shapiro ... let's see if anyone notices .... :P"
plant laughs
JoelW laughs
Joey says "does better when he doesn't get any blanks, as in CNSC right?"
Rich says "There IS a resemblance."
paulsid laughs
p2 [to p2]: "I had some trouble myself, had to manually clear netscape disk cache and quit and restart netscape, that did it for me."
diane1 says "uh oh ... he's talking to himself again :)"
p2 says "kevin has given me missing racks from game 1,"
Ann [to diane1]: "fortunately " p = p2"
p2 says "also points out scoring corrections based on different final leave scoring algorithm."
Ann says "sort of like something einstein might say"
Rich says "So we can conclude that p = 0"
Joey says "anyone else see those vertical lines after fortunately?"
Steven [to p2]: "Yes, -- you know different leave-scoring Al Goreithms are my main suggestion for World Unity."
Joey says "kinda looks like the pattern on my Atari system"
Steven hopes reader untangle that sentence for him.
p2 says "R4 beginning"
plant says "think it happens when ann backspaces"
Steven [to Rich]: "or p might be aleph-null"
diane1 says "stop backspacing ann"
plant says "she's editing"
simonsez says "when does it start?"
simonsez says "go CANADA!"
JoelW says "now. :)"
Steven [to Joey]: "I took them to be a single double-quote mark"
p2 says "The part of Mark Nyman will be played by poslfit, until marvin42 returns."
MarkN waves unpishly
plant says "what? an understudy?"
Steven checks UNDERSTUDIED in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is acceptable.
simonsez says "divisor"
SOPH joins MarkN.
simonsez checks VIBRATO in TWL98.
The word is acceptable.
JoelW joins the game.
diane1 checks OVERSTUDIED in OSW3.
The word is acceptable.
Rich checks OVERSTUDIED in TWL98.
The word is unacceptable.
simonsez checks OVERTIRED in TWL98.
The word is acceptable.
MarkN whispers off-stage "What's my rack?"
simonsez says "anyone up for a game?"
diane1 says "now????"
plant laughs
paulsid [to simonsez]: "Not allowed right now..."
simonsez says "yeah, why is everyone here"
Joey says "what's wolf doing playing?"
Ann says "nothing MAJOR just the world championship!"
paulsid says "Perhaps he doesn't realize it's started again.."
Joey says "attendance used to be like this daily back on the old eel machine"
diane1 says "oh brother .... joel gets lucky again"
Wolf kibitzes: "ennui or trade"
Joey [to Wolf]: "follow your opening move advice :)"
p2 says "That'll be Amit."
avigator bingo coming for joel no matter what
JoelW nods.
paulsid says "Bingos galore there..."
Joey says "blank is a godsend of course"

> MarkN:  8h   ENNUI           +12   12  

paulsid says "Holy crap...Joel has 482 possible 7s."
taqi says "think you might have it on build there paulsid"
taqi says "only 10 possible 7s"

> JoelW:   m7  ISOgRIV         +78   78  ENNUIS

Steven says "VIRtUOSI"
paulsid says "Oops sorry...wrong option on Lexpert.  :-)"
Andrew [to Steven]: "nice"
diane1 says "must be hard to keep all those tiles spinning simultaneously :P"

> MarkN:   j6  HONEY           +27   39  

Steven says "thx"
Robin checks FOURNIER in OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
marvin42 checks ISOGRIV in TWL98.
The word is acceptable.
Rich checks FURORING in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
plant says "nice"
paulsid thought it seemed high.  :-)
SamK starts a wave
Joey kibitzes: "not even 482  with aerst"
paulsid says "The Cs sure seem to be finding Mark today..."
paulsid gets 506 with AERST??, including #
Joey oops, forgot to switch to SOWPODS
Joey says "397 in OSPD"
p2 is asking Kevin if Joel traded.
krusty says "according to shockwave, Mark plays MICE 3k, and it's his turn again...."
taqi says "mice.. hmm.. lucky joel doesn't have an A right now"
SamK says "did he have an M?"
merrill says "firry may be better.."

> JoelW:   k7  FUROUR          +30  108  OF, ER, YO

paulsid says "Oops..."
MarkN says "I challenge"
MarkN checks FUROUR in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
MarkN says "phew!"

> JoelW:       --              -30   78  

p2 says "Netscape just crashed, I may need to reboot."

> MarkN:   k3  MICE            +21   60  HE
> JoelW:   i10 FOUR            +16   94  FY

Rich checks INSULTER in TWL98.
The word is acceptable.
The word is acceptable.
Robin says "very dynamic play from joel, despite probable desire to play a little defensively; nice contrast to 1993"
paulsid says "Wow...Mark has LAICIZED there."
krusty says "Excellent find! One of only 2 bingoes with that rack"
shmuxti kibitzes: "i'd have considered uniform and turned it over"
paulsid didn't find it...
krusty says "Oh. :)"
Wolf kibitzes: "furour was a big goof - i hope he recovers quickly"
paulsid wishes he could find words like that.  :-)

> MarkN:  4g   lAICIZED        +90  150  

paulsid says "Beauty."
krusty says "also blocked lustrine/insulter"
diane1 says "wow!!!!!!!!"
Joey kibitzes: "awful rack without a bingo"

> JoelW:   h12 NURL            +20  114  NU, UR

paulsid says "Nice play and nice draw!"
p2 says "selfist# stifles"
Rich stifles a comment
Robin kibitzes: "stiflers"
krusty grins
paulsid checks FITLESS in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
Rich checks LAICIZEDS in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
Joey kibitzes: "viga h1?"
Joey kibitzes: "kiva"
Steven says "KIVA h1?"
avigator kiva
marvin42 likes kiva
taqi says "kiva or rivage.. probably kiva"
merrill checks LIFTLESS in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
Joey kibitzes: "hates gp, but not 6 9 points worse than PK"
Joey kibitzes: "9"
avigator checks STIFLERS in TWL98.
The word is acceptable.
Wolf kibitzes: "kiva my choice"
shmuxti is also happy with PIKA, but i like vs more than most
paulsid [to shmuxti]: "Why's that?"

> MarkN:   h1  RIVAGE          +30  180  

zem checks PINKO in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is acceptable.
Steven says "Odd to play more tiles with both Blanks gone, but with QI is turnover almost always positive?"

> JoelW: 14b   STIFLERS        +84  198  FOURS

p2 says "really better than RIFTLESS here?"
taqi says "maybe he thought he was in with a shot of a few S's"
Joey kibitzes: "khan a15"

> MarkN: 15a   KHAN            +46  226  SH, TA, IN

diane1 checks HENPECK in TWL98.
The word is acceptable.
Rich would be less than 100% sure of riftless
diane1 checks DRIFTLESS in TWL98.
The word is unacceptable.

> JoelW:  2j   TALA            +15  213  AMICE

Steven checks THRIFTLESS in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is acceptable.
p2 says "tala takes -k# or -q#."
paulsid checks DRIFTLESS in OSW3.
The word is acceptable.
Robin wonders whether Joel is setting up MEW dk
zem checks PAUPE in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
Joey kibitzes: "upo c13"
krusty checks PUPAE in TWL98.
The word is acceptable.
taqi says "shame zem, i thought of that one.. would be a great one if it were good!"
paulsid says "Indeed."
paulsid checks APU in OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
SOPH kibitzes: "almost eupnoea"
p2 says "maven: WAIDE 13a"
diane1 says "only on The Simpsons"

> MarkN:  3m   PEA             +23  249  APE, ED

Robin checks APU in Simpsons dictionary
paulsid grins
paulsid [to p2]: "Is that a SOWPODS maven?"
Joey checks MILLHOUSE in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
Ann  thinks Robin saw too many  Ray films
p2 [to paulsid]: "yes"
Joey checks MILHOUSE in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
diane1 says "James Cherry would know for sure :)"
diane1 says "lol joey"
paulsid says "Oops, must be, since WAIDE is #"
Robin [to Ann]: "satyajit or milland?"
diane1 checks DOH in OSW3.
The word is acceptable.
Ann [to Robin]: "the former :) after APU"
merrill says "fay"
Ann says "world of etc etc"
Ann  kicks merrill
Wolf kibitzes: "hope joel finds waide"

> JoelW: 13a   WAIDE           +39  252  ASH, ITA, DIN, EF

Wolf says "yay"
marvin42 checks WAIDE in TWL98.
The word is unacceptable.
Ann [to Wolf]: "indeed"
merrill says "man"
p2 says "AAODRLT plays thru C, S, U."
shmuxti kibitzes: "sowpods pape"
Wolf says "critical move"
Robin raises flag prematurely to quarter mast
Wolf kibitzes: "loadstar"
Joey kibitzes: "cartload"
Wolf kibitzes: "adulator"
Joey kibitzes: "laudator"
shmuxti kibitzes: "both of which take -y"
Rich checks ADULATOR in TWL98.
The word is acceptable.

> MarkN:  1m   PEA             +23  272  PAPE

merrill says "now gunga din"
p2 says "MN has EMBOGUE# -D -S"
krusty shakes head
avigator checks EE in OSW3.
The word is acceptable.

> JoelW: 13g   DURAL           +13  265  DE
> MarkN:  9b   EMBOGUE         +68  340  EE

Rich says "taborets"
diane1 says "holy crap!!!"
p2 says "AOBRSTT plays thru A, E, E, E."
Wolf kibitzes: "taborets"
Joey kibitzes: "abettors"
zem checks TARBOATS in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
Robin checks STROBATE in OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
diane1 checks BOATSTER in TWL98.
The word is unacceptable.
diane1 checks BARETTOS in OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
Joey checks BATTEROS and BAROSTAT in TWL98+OSW3.
Both words are acceptable.
Joey looked it up, he admits

> JoelW:   b4  TABORETS        +68  333  

Wolf checks RABATTOS in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
Robin says "so, what were the other bingos?"
avigator  is there going to be good qi or jo plays after bingo
p2 says "bag: NOR"
p2 says "abEttors barostAt# battEros# taborEts"
shmuxti kibitzes: "ce dexy, if"
Joey kibitzes: "this will take a while"
marvin42 says "who wants to start betting?"
Rich checks DEOXY in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is acceptable.
taqi says "i think the obvious play is the best, but i'm usually wrong.. a7 jo blocks one X spot meaning that he shuold at least get his Q down"
p2 says "This looks like the key play of the tournament."

> MarkN:   a7  JO              +42  382  JO, OR

paulsid checks DOX in OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
taqi says "shame that deoxy will soce so beuatifully"
diane1 says "the right move ..."
Robin says "I'm not so sure; Q is huge liability (stating the obvious) with Joel having strong X plays"
p2 says "DOXY (48) c3.. then what?"
paulsid says "President QWINTON?"
marvin42 thinks MarkN is done for
Joey says "c3"
Wolf kibitzes: "R plays later at n2"
Rich says "R in bag?"
avigator checks TE in OSW3.
The word is acceptable.
avigator detox if te
zem says "no jox"
zem checks GOXED in TWL98+OSW3.
The word is unacceptable.
p2 says "maven (exhaustive): DEOXY best"
Rich says "Then two places for girt"
diane1 says "lights out"
p2 says "looks like a 1-point win for JW"

> JoelW:   c2  DEOXY           +50  383  TO, AX, BY

JoelW draws one tile from the bag.
JoelW starts the clock.
It is MarkN's turn.
Ann says "yes!"
paulsid nods
paulsid holds his breath.
Ann  does too
Robin says "YAYAYAYAYA"
diane1 says "i DID say joel in 4 .... :O"
p2 says "(DEOXY wins 3/8 of the time)"
Rich says "B1 qi?"
JoelW agrees with that.
taqi says "not much else apart from b1 qi"
SamK pages you: "joel wins?"
Joey kibitzes: "wont d1 wont do it I guess"
Ann says "what if mark plays qi where joel can play girt?"
plant checks GI in OSW3.
The word is acceptable.
Rich says "12l girt"
Wolf kibitzes: "7l girt"

> MarkN:   b1  QI              +28  410  ID

Ann says "ah thank you didnt see at first"
marvin42 says "not the best of endings..."
diane1 says "not stronger than girt"
paulsid says "Are recounts legal?"
Rich says "they may not have the correct score at the table."
Robin says "I hope Joel has tracked right"
shmuxti pages you: "what % does DEXY win?  (don't feel you have to answer)"
[p2 would have said "The only other plays that win at all win only 1/8 of the time: C5 TYG, C3 DOXY and C5 GOY."]

> JoelW: 12l   GIRT            +12  395  

p2 says "yeehah!"
Wolf says "joel has no choice but girt"
marvin42 says "the score is correct, too bad"
JoelW cheers
taqi says "can't wait to read the critique of this one"
taqi says "shame it won't really say much"
diane1 says "hurray for joelw"
Ann says "yeayayayayaya!"
Ann says "yayayay"
Robin kvells
Marlene says "YAY!!!!!!"
plant uncorks the champagne
paulsid cheers wildly.
Wolf [to plant]: "is score correct?"
paulsid says "Shockwave says over, 402-403..."
marvin42 [to JoelW]: "congrats"
JoelW says "I won! I won! I won!"
plant laughs
Andrew says "yay! Hurray for Joel!"
Marlene says "what a heartbreaker for Mark"
Ann says "somewho that doesn't appear to be joelw's personality, krusty!"
Erica says "bravo""
taqi says "that was some great scrabble today.. well done joel.. if only i were serious when i quip about moving to canada!"
SamK pats wapnick on his back
Joey says "he's won it already tho"
krusty says "Thanks you, thank you."
Marlene says "i hope this makes CNN"
zem says "LOL"
zem congratulates joel
paulsid says "Indeed."
JoelW says "thank you, rather. :)"
Andrew [to Marlene]: "It was Joel's turn ;-)"
p2 says "score is correct, no time adjustments.  Joel is WSC."
SallyR says "the dynasty of joels continues"
Wolf says "i'm happy for Joel after whatr happened in '93"

Wolf says "Canada Rules!"
panchax says "yes"
Ann says "that time i did mean to shout:)"
mauiboy chimes in with congratulations for Joel from Hawaii
Marlene says "i'm happy for Joel because he's a terrific person"
Wolf says "1st , 3rd and 4th   - not bad :)"
p2 says "Oh Canada, our home and native land... :)"
Joey says "triple crown for Joel"
JoelW agrees wholeheartedly.
Marlene says "and he is the author of my favorite cgp line of all time"
diane1 says "what an accomplishment"
Rich says "Congrats to Mark too.  He played a great tournament."
paulsid says "Is that the first ever double (national champ & world champ)?"
Ann says "no Peter Morris did it"
plant says "what line is that?"
Joey says "that's why he hasn't played in 3 years"
Joey says "hope Joel sticks around still..."
Ann says "marlene we wait with baited (bated?) breath"
Sherrie joins p2.
krusty is here in spirit. :)
Steven [to JoelW]: "Congrats!"
Ann says "hi sherrie have some champagne"
Sherrie says "hi all. :)"
Marlene [to plant]: "when that guy was complaining about simulations and how unimportant it was; JoelW responded that it was the most important thing in the world"
Steven says "Hi Sherrie, have some Champlain."
Joey says "looks like the WSC is still named Joel :)"
Wolf [to p2]: "how does dogey,dexy,doxy compare to deoxy for win ?"
Ann says "marlene said Joel said -- oh nevermidn you had to be here ..."
p2 says "DEXY is a 0/8 for winning"
shmuxti says "does this mean JoelW becomes Joel on marldoom, and Joel goes to JoelS?"
Joey says "x not such a hot tile in the endgame with no vowels"
paulsid [to Marlene]: "Heh, and he found several top-simmed plays to win this game too!  I love it..."
Joey says "don't think furour simmed to well"
marvin42 [to shmuxti]: "good question!"
Joey says "thought dogey looked great at first - but doesn't look like iot ever wins"
Wolf says "the x doesnt play easily for an out"
Joey says "losing with the x would have made Joel say a lot of cross words"
Wolf [to p2]: "is it official in melbourne yet?"
p2 [to p2]: "yes"
Wolf says "mazeltov"
Steven says "What's not to be official?"
p2 [to Wolf]: "dogey a1 or dogey c3?"
Wolf says "c3"
[p2 should have said "never wins, in either case."]
p2 says "no, they've gone off to the presentation"
Joey says "see you in 2 years"
Robin says "this is really a victory for all of North America (as if we did anything!) given Joel's reluctance to get Canadian citizenship"
Steven says "It's a victory for NAFTA, then, given the confusion of identities."
Wolf [to Robin]: "I  can hear the Mexicans celebrating"
plant says "thnaks for doing all this, John"
p2 says "my pleasure"
Steven says "Thanks, p2, and all you worked with."
p2 nods.  Kevin Burfitt <***> was indispensable, should anyone want to e-mail thanks.  (He was the one relaying info from the playoff room.)
Steven [to p2]: "What brought Kevin to the playing room?"
p2 [to Steven]: "A tram, I think."
Steven yeah, yeahs
p2 [to Steven]: "He was there to feed the shockwave site."
Steven says "What occasion did he have to be there?  A player-enthusiast"
brenda says "goodnight. Canada rules"
Ann says "so what COLOR shirt is JOEL wearing???"
p2 [to Steven]: "He was very restrained, only said once that he loathed and despised the software."
Steven laughs
p2 [to Steven]: "He ran the computers for the main event."

HASBRO is the owner of the registered SCRABBLE® trademark in the United States and Canada. © 2011 HASBRO. All rights reserved. "SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Game" is the proper way to refer to this unique group of word games and related properties marketed by HASBRO. "SCRABBLE®" is not a generic term. To use it as such is not only misleading but also does injustice to the company responsible for the trademark's longtime popularity. All we ask is that when you mean SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Game, you say so. 

The SCRABBLE® trademark is owned by J.W. Spear and Sons, PLC, a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. outside of the United States and Canada. 

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