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Albert Hahn

[photo of Hahn] Albert Hahn is a 51-year-old truck driver from Calgary, AB. Highlights of his six years of tournament experience include representing Canada at the 1997 World SCRABBLE® Championship in Washington, D.C. (where he finished 39th) and being the runner-up in the exciting finals of the 1998 Canadian SCRABBLE® Championship. Hahn earned his berth on the Canadian team this year at the qualifying tournament held in Toronto in June. He lists his hobbies as: movies, crossword puzzles and poker.

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Round 1. Hahn has been paired with Eugene Goh of Singapore. Goh did not play in the 1997 WSC. Hahn beat Goh 398-330, and is now 28th place with a record of 1-0 +68.
Round 2. Hahn played Steven Gruzd of South Africa, whom he had beaten 371-336 at the 1997 WSC.
Hahn beat Gruzd 416-347, and is now in 14th place, 2-0 +137.
Round 3. Hahn loses his first game 380-419 against Arvind Abraham of the United Arab Emirates. This drops him to 29th place, 2-1 +98.
Round 4. Hahn loses another game, to Saheed Jimoh of Nigeria, 307-435. This brings him down to 52nd place, 2-2 -30.
Round 5. Hahn beats Stanley Ndungu (Kenya) in a low-scoring game, 351-329. Hahn is now in 40th place, 3-2 -8.
Round 6. Hahn loses 364-410 to Russell Byers (U.K.), and drops further to 54th place, 3-3 -54.
Round 7. Hahn loses again, to Rodney Judd of Pakistan, 310-445 and is now in 68th place, 3-4 -189.
Round 8. Hahn wins the last game of the day 405-323 against Owen Bondin of Malta. His end-of-day record of 4-4 -107 puts him in the middle of the field in 55th place.
Round 9. Hahn won against Paul Cleary (AU) 413-393. Hahn is now #45, with a record of 5-4 -87.
Round 10. Hahn lost to Peter Sinton (NZ) 388-464. Hahn is now #55, with a record of 5-5 +163.
Round 11. Hahn lost to Pui Cheng Wui (MY) 342-402. Hahn is now #64, with a record of 5-6 +223.
Round 12. Hahn lost to A Ganesh (MY) 282-425. Hahn is now #76, with a record of 5-7 +366.
Round 13. Hahn won against Dixon Assessa (KE) 415-366. Hahn is now #67, with a record of 6-7 +317.
Round 14. Hahn won against Ishtiaq Chishty (SA) 465-400. Hahn is now #56, with a record of 7-7 +252.
Round 15. Hahn lost to Michael Pray (OM) 343-426. Hahn is now #65, with a record of 7-8 +335.
Round 16. Hahn won against Peter Elbourne (MT) 454-294. Hahn is now #55, with a record of 8-8 +175.
Round 17. Hahn won against Rashid Khan (PK) 340-304. Hahn is now #47, with a record of 9-8 +139.
Round 18. Hahn lost to Ishtiaq Chishty (SA) 340-411. Hahn is now #55, with a record of 9-9 +210.
Round 19. Hahn lost to Michael Pray (OM) 404-417. Hahn is now #62, with a record of 9-10 +223.
Round 20. Hahn won against Pui Cheng Wui (MY) 457-359. Hahn is now #53, with a record of 10-10 +125.
Round 21. Hahn lost to Shafique Thobani (KE) 382-466. Hahn is now #60, with a record of 10-11 +209. Nice play: SWEETING.
Round 22. Hahn lost to Sayeed Jimoh (NI) 317-381 when Jimoh found TAIAhAS# to play out. Hahn is now #67, with a record of 10-12 +273.
Round 23. Hahn won against Gold Eburu (NI) 487-350. Hahn is now #59, with a record of 11-12 +136.
Round 24. Hahn won against Peter Elbourne (MT) 458-370. Hahn finishes #53, with a record of 12-12 -48.

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