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Adam Logan

[photo of Logan] Adam Logan is a 24-year-old mathematician, originally from southern Ontario and now living in California. He has been playing tournament SCRABBLE® for fourteen years, and among his many other accomplishments he is a past Canadian and North American champion. He placed 9th at the 1997 WSC in Washington, D.C. Logan represents Canada as one of the three top-rated players in the country.

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Round 1. Logan has been paired with Russell Byers of the U.K. Byers placed 7th at the 1997 WSC, but did not play Logan at that event.
Logan beat Byers 513-459, and is ranked 32nd with a record of 1-0 +54.
Round 2. Logan is paired with Paul Cleary of Australia, and defeats him 503-343 to climb to 8th place, 2-0 +214.
Round 3. Logan loses his first game 301-400 to Kendall Boyd (N.Z.). He drops to 26th place, 2-1 +115.
Round 4. Logan beats American David Wiegand in a low-scoring 372-341 game. He is now in 21st place, 3-1 +146.
Round 5. Logan loses 371-417 to Suresh Chinnaiyah of Sri Lanka. He drops to 35th place, 3-2 +100.
Round 6. Logan narrowly beats Kenyan Shafique Thobani 432-411, and climbs back to 25th place, 4-2 +121.
Round 7. Logan beats Dylan Early of South Africa 460-333, and is now in 14th place, 5-3 +248.
Round 8. Logan beats another South African, Trevor Hovelmeier, 462-381, and with his third consecutive win ends the day in 9th place, 6-2 +329. He's in the middle of a pack of 10 players with six wins, behind four players with seven.
Round 9. Logan won against Arvind Abraham (AE) 449-320. Logan is now #5, with a record of 7-2 +458.
Round 10. Logan won against Mark Nyman (UK) 463-317. Logan is now #3, with a record of 8-2 +604.
Round 11. Logan lost to David Boys (CA) 438-443. Logan is now #6, with a record of 8-3 +599.
Round 12. Logan lost to Nigel Richards (NZ) 354-451. Logan is now #10, with a record of 8-4 +502. COTRUs-Te-e and V-ENATIONS made it onto the board.
Round 13. Logan won against Brian Cappelletto (US) 460-389. Logan is now #7, with a record of 9-4 +573.
Round 14. Logan lost to Jakkrit Klaphajone (TH) 365-411. Logan is now #11, with a record of 9-5 +527. Jakkrit mentioned playing BIGHEAD$ against Adam.
Round 15. Logan won against Andrew Fisher (UK) 532-348. Logan is now #9, with a record of 10-5 +711.
Round 16. Logan won against David Wiegand (US) 401-365. Logan is now #5, with a record of 11-5 +747.
Round 17. Logan lost to Brian Cappelletto (US) 353-415. Logan is now #10, with a record of 11-6 +685.
Round 18. Logan won against Brett Smitheram (UK) 465-327. Logan is now #6, with a record of 12-6 +823.
Round 19. Logan won against Nigel Richards (NZ) 488-435. Logan is now #4, with a record of 13-6 +876. Try setting up the following spectacular plays on a board: NR h3 THIONINE (65), ? 3c FLIGHT, NR 2f USE (and UG, SH, E-THIONINE), and finally AL 1f BAM (78) (making B-UG, A-SH, M-ETHIONINE, with the M on the TWS). Then go home and study your 9-10 hook lists!
Round 20. Logan lost to Mark Nyman (UK) 413-524. Logan is now #8, with a record of 13-7 +765. Triple-triple EVERtING (158). Logan tries to play out with LABBIST*, which comes back phoney. Dylan Early (South Africa) comments:
ZOARIA was at 3i. Tiles unseen by Mark were LABBISTO. There were two bingo lanes. Mark spotted the possibility of BILBOAS$ under a floating U and o1 BILOBATE to an E at o8. He elected to block BILOBATE with n2 JAVA.

Round 21. Logan lost to Andrew Fisher (UK) 396-405. Logan is now #12, with a record of 13-8 +756.
Round 22. Logan won against David Wiegand (US) 425-420. Logan is now #8, with a record of 14-8 +761. Adam is now 3 games behind the leaders, with 2 games to go, so he's out of the finals.
Round 23. Logan won against John Holgate (AU) 375-354. Logan is now #6, with a record of 15-8 +782.
Round 24. Logan won against Phil Appleby (UK) 461-357. Logan finishes #4 (#3 on the Canadian team), with a record of 16-8 +886.

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