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Bob Lipton

[photo of Lipton] Bob Lipton, 59, is a retired croupier from Vero Beach, FL. He won the qualifying tournament for the second time in a row this summer to join the American team. At the last WSC, in Washington DC in 1997, he placed 58th. In his spare time, he listens to classical music and volunteers at the Humane Society.


Round 1. Lipton plays Canadian Champion Joel Wapnick. They have played each other at NSA tournaments, but were not paired at the last Worlds.
Lipton lost to Wapnick 367-521, and is now in 89th place, 0-1 -154.
Round 2. Lipton plays another Canadian, Jim Nanavati, a late replacement to the Canadian team. He defeats him 405-370, and is now in 69th place, 1-1 -119.
Round 3. Lipton crushes Romania's Laurentiu Sandu 533-284, bringing him all the way up to 22nd place, 2-1 +130.
Round 4. Lipton wins again, against Malaysian A Ganesh, 436-407. He's now 20th, 3-1 +159.
Round 5. Lipton loses 356-390 to Kenya's Michael Gongolo. He is now in 34th place, 3-2 +125.
Round 6. Lipton loses 267-479 to Leslie Charles of Trinidad, and drops to 58th place, 3-3 -87.
Round 7. Lipton beats Bob Jackman of Australia 605-345 to set the record for high game so far. This brings him up to 30th place, 4-3 +173. Lipton had TOTALING, EXACTION, ELVANITE, MOUSIER, EQUID (74) and HOW (53) v Jackman's BROWNIES.
Round 8. Lipton loses to North American Champion Brian Cappelletto 331-454 and ends the day in the middle of the field, 49th place, 4-4 +50.
Round 9. Lipton lost to John Luebkemann (US) 425-454. Lipton is now #59, with a record of 4-5 +21.
Round 10. Lipton lost to Virgilio Quiballo (PH) 333-401. Lipton is now #69, with a record of 4-6 -47.
Round 11. Lipton lost to Kunihiko Kuroda (JP) 390-420. Lipton is now #78, with a record of 4-7 -77.
Round 12. Lipton won against Catherine Costello (IE) 407-364. Lipton is now #66, with a record of 5-7 -34. Playing ECONOMIST for 90 points helped Bob.
Round 13. Lipton lost to Paul Epstein (US) 308-327. Lipton is now #74, with a record of 5-8 -53.
Round 14. Lipton won against Selwyn Lobo (AE) 508-313. Lipton is now #62, with a record of 6-8 +142.
Round 15. Lipton won against Andrew Cook (UK) 371-361. Lipton is now #53, with a record of 7-8 +152.
Round 16. Lipton won against Alec Webb (UK) 502-403. Lipton is now #42, with a record of 8-8 +251. Lipton bingo-ed SEXTARII$.
Round 17. Lipton won against Tony Sim (SG) 424-364. Lipton is now #33, with a record of 9-8 +311.
Round 18. Lipton lost to Kendall Boyd (NZ) 364-438. Lipton is now #45, with a record of 9-9 +237.
Round 19. Lipton lost to Robert Felt (US) 322-412. Lipton is now #52, with a record of 9-10 +147.
Round 20. Lipton won against Leslie Charles (TT) 376-302. Lipton is now #46, with a record of 10-10 +221.
Round 21. Lipton lost to Joe Edley (US) 330-480. Lipton is now #56, with a record of 10-11 +71. Lipton played steaning#, Edley airliner faconne# (not bingo) hematiod (sic) bimester$ saturnic#. Lipton recorded the score for HEMATIOD too quickly and forfeited his challenge right, Edley didn't realise the problem until after the game.
Round 22. Lipton lost to Joan Rosenthal (AU) 378-457. Lipton is now #63, with a record of 10-12 -8.
Round 23. Lipton lost to Steve Polatnick (US) 373-411. Lipton is now #70, with a record of 10-13 -46.
Round 24. Lipton won against Alec Webb (UK) 440-402. Lipton is now #63, with a record of 11-13 -8.

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