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David Boys

[photo of Boys] David Boys, a 35-year-old student from Montréal, has an extremely long list of tournament wins, including the 1995 World Championship. At the last WSC in 1997 in Washington D.C., he placed 11th. He represents Canada as one of the three top-rated players in the country.

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Round 1. Boys is paired with Dhanapala Silva, a 60-year-old teacher from the Seychelles. This is Silva's first World Championship.
Boys beat Silva 488-286, and is in 4th place, 1-0 +202, behind Schonbrun, Luebkemann and Boyd.
Round 2. Boys loses a close game to Kendall Boyd from New Zealand, 417-432. He slips down to 26th place, 1-1 +187.
Round 3. Boys wins against Peter Sinton of New Zealand, 450-348. He moves back up to 13th place, 2-1 +289.
Round 4. Boys wins again vs. Gareth Williams of Wales, 482-340. He climbs up to 8th place, 3-1 +431, second behind Andrew Fisher among the 3-1s.
Round 5. Boys beats Andrew Fisher 379-367 to make it to the top of his win group. He's now 4th place, 4-1 +443, behind the undefeated Richards, Credo and Gipson. In 1997, Boys beat Fisher 447-376 in round 3 of the WSC.
Round 6. Boys wins his fourth straight game, 451-389 against Helen Gipson (U.K.), and is now in 2nd place behind the undefeated Nigel Richards (N.Z.), 5-1 +505.
Round 7. Boys plays the undefeated Richards for the first time, and beats him 436-385. A local player records the game as follows:
NR:  DERRIEY   YERD (challenged unsuccessfully)
DB:  exch
NR:  exch
DB:  WOSPEG?   SWOP, SABOTEURS (GOWPENS the only 7 or 8 from this rack)
DB:            LAKH, APER, KOR, HOD
NR:            BIZ
Toward the end of this game, when NG had 17:57 left on his clock and Boys had 4:38, Richard tried to draw two tiles, and a V tile dropped out of the bottom of the bag. It seems that many of the specially-ordered tile bags are unravelling, and visitors are being pressed into service sewing tile bags.

In any event, Boys is now in 3rd place, among 7 players at 6 wins, behind Richards and Nyman with a spread of +556.

Round 8. Boys ends the day on a six-game winning streak, having lost only one game so far, and defeating Ronald Credo of the Philippines 422-359 in the last round. He is in 2nd place at 7-1 +619, behind Nigel Richards (7-1 +897).
Round 9. Boys won against Nigel Richards (NZ) 484-456. Boys is now #1, with a record of 8-1 +647. David played DAYTALES, and UPCLOSE, Nigel OVERDYES and VENENATE.
Round 10. Boys lost to Joel Sherman (US) 282-395. Boys is now #4, with a record of 8-2 +534.
Round 11. Boys won against Adam Logan (CA) 443-438. Boys is now #2, with a record of 9-2 +539.
Round 12. Boys won against Roland Filio (BH) 404-363. Boys is now #1, with a record of 10-2 +580.
Round 13. Boys lost to David Wiegand (US) 401-480. Boys is now #4, with a record of 10-3 +501. Boys loses to American David Wiegand: his bingoes APHICIDE and AVENGES weren't enough to beat DRIBLET, YEASTILY and OVERTAME.
Round 14. Boys won against Brett Smitheram (UK) 421-404. Boys is now #2, with a record of 11-3 +518.
Round 15. Boys lost to Joel Wapnick (CA) 412-479. Boys is now #5, with a record of 11-4 +451. Each player reported three bingoes and an odd word: Wapnick ARBOREtA, SUMMoNER, SLEAVING, MAFFIA; Boys ENDOSTEA, NEWSIEST, ANTIHERO, PIOYE#.
Round 16. Boys lost to Brian Cappelletto (US) 342-456. Boys is now #9, with a record of 11-5 +337.
Round 17. Boys lost to Joel Sherman (US) 453-471. Boys is now #14, with a record of 11-6 +319.
Round 18. Boys lost to Ron Tiekert (US) 387-424. Boys is now #20, with a record of 11-7 +282.
Round 19. Boys won against Lester Schonbrun (US) 414-388. Boys is now #15, with a record of 12-7 +308.
Round 20. Boys won against James Cherry (CA) 503-308. Boys is now #10, with a record of 13-7 +503. Passersby comment on STOOKER, GAUJES#.
Round 21. Boys won against Virgilio Quiballo (PH) 401-373. Boys is now #7, with a record of 14-7 +531.
Round 22. Boys won against Femi Awowade (NI) 465-369. Boys is now #4, with a record of 15-7 +627. Boys triple-triples A-MO-UNTED (108, nonbingo). Dave needs to win both games big to make it into the finals.
Round 23. Boys won against Joel Wapnick (CA) 402-370. Boys is now #3, with a record of 16-7 +659. Dave plays Nyman next round, and needs to win by 92 points to make it into what might be an all-Canadian final round. Here's this round's Table #1 game in detail:
Table 1:  Joel Wapnick (Canada) v David Boys (Canada)

1  JW AODJLNR    8G  JOR      20  20 
   DB UCUCEEN    7H  KUE      17  17
2  JW ADLN-HRS   6J  HARL     28  48
   DB CENU-FIE   5H  FICE     30  47
3  JW DNS-AONN   9F  DONNA    29  77
   DB UEN-EATE   4D  TENUE    18  65
4  JW NS-ILRY?   3H  NItRYLS  76 153
   DB AE-GPIXA  10J  XI       50 115
5  JW HQVIDEA   11G  HIVED    40 193
   DB PEAAG-NA  12A  APANAGE  77 192
6  JW QA-AFOOL   5A  ALOOF    28 221
   DB LGIEIUI   13A  LIEU     20 212
7  JW QA-POZRS  13G  POZ      38 259
   DB GII-TDEB   A4  BAITED   36 248
8  JW QARS-MRV       exch QMRV
   DB IG-IEOST   H1  GONEF    27 275
9  JW ARS-GOOY   F2  YON      14 273
   DB IIEST-RI  A12  ALIT     12 287   
10 JW ARSGO-DS  B10  SAPID    26 299
   DB IESRI-AE   B2  RIEL     12 299
11 JW RSGO-REW   L1  WRY      13 312
   DB AIES-QTW   1A  QAT      41 340
12 JW RSGOE-MM   1J  MOWERS   33 345
   DB WIES-ATE    ?  RESEWS   32 372
13 JW GM-UCTV?  H13  OM        4 349
   DB ATI-NB    14D  NIB      14 386 
14 JW GUCTV?    15H  sCUT     27 376
   DB TA         6E  TA       10 396
15 JW VG                      -6 370
   DB                         +6 402

Round 24. Boys won against Mark Nyman (UK) 420-386. Boys finishes #3, with a record of 17-7 +693, 115 points away from the finals. Kevin Burfitt says that on Mark's scoresheet, Mark started himself off with 91 points, to know what the 'real score' was.

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