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James Cherry

[photo of Cherry] James Cherry is a 29-year-old Australian-Canadian electrical engineer living in Ottawa. He won the Canadian qualifying tournament this June to earn his first WSC appearance. He has developed acclaimed game analysis software and online game playing robots, and has been entertaining the net with his letters home.

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Round 1. Cherry plays Steven Gruzd of South Africa, a 27-year-old who placed 6th at the 1995 WSC and 34th in 1997.
Cherry lost to Gruzd 355-424, and is in 73rd place, 0-1 -69.
Round 2. Cherry beats Selwyn Lobo of the United Arab Emirates by an even 100 points, 472-372. He moves up to 42nd place, 1-1 +31.
Round 3. Cherry wins a close game, 377-370 against David Webb of the U.K. He's now in 37th place, 2-1 +38.
Round 4. Cherry loses to Phil Appleby of the U.K. 426-452, and drops to the middle of the pack, 49th place 2-2 +12.
Round 5. Cherry defeats Brendan McDonnell of Ireland 437-295 (thanks in part to the phoney FRONDES), and is in 30th place, 3-2 +154.
Round 6. Cherry beats Owen Bondin of Malta 374-329, and climbs to 19th place, 4-2 +199.
Round 7. Cherry lost to Femi Awowade (NI) 276-456. Cherry is now #42, with a record of 4-3 +19.
Round 8. Cherry won against Wilma Warwick (SC) 464-319. Cherry is now #27, with a record of 5-3 +164.
Round 9. Cherry won against Dylan Early (ZA) 409-395. Cherry is now #20, with a record of 6-3 +178.
Round 10. Cherry won against Robert Felt (US) 439-386. Cherry is now #12, with a record of 7-3 +231.
Round 11. Cherry lost to Jakkrit Klaphajone (TH) 331-432. Cherry is now #24, with a record of 7-4 +130.
Round 12. Cherry lost to Mark Nyman (UK) 342-448. Cherry is now #34, with a record of 7-5 +24. Nyman played SKYD-I-vER and a1 BILL-HEAD (extending BILL).
Round 13. Cherry won against Leslie Charles (TT) 364-332. Cherry is now #26, with a record of 8-5 +56.
Round 14. Cherry won against Steven Gruzd (ZA) 476-404. Cherry is now #17, with a record of 9-5 +128.
Round 15. Cherry won against Femi Awowade (NI) 403-320. Cherry is now #13, with a record of 10-5 +211.
Round 16. Cherry lost to Helen Gipson (UK) 375-446. Cherry is now #20, with a record of 10-6 +140. He did play SCrOUGED, the anagram of SCOUrGED
Round 17. Cherry lost to Femi Awowade (NI) 390-396. Cherry is now #27, with a record of 10-7 +134.
Round 18. Cherry won against Naween Fernando (LK) 421-355. Cherry is now #21, with a record of 11-7 +200.
Round 19. Cherry won against Helen Gipson (UK) 415-401. Cherry is now #16, with a record of 12-7 +214.
Round 20. Cherry lost to David Boys (CA) 308-503. Cherry is now #23, with a record of 12-8 +19. Passersby commented on STOOKER and GAUJES#.
Round 21. Cherry won against Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (TH) 523-345 and is now in 16th place with a record of 13-8 +197. He writes:
[Pakorn] lost two turns trying to put an S on LENTIGO, first with BIMBLES*, then with EBBS. He cut my margin of victory to a mere 150 by noticing that in ACEORTUY unseen, if the U was in the bag, I'd hold CATEGORY a5 (104) and ENACTORY d8 (84) through GaRNETS 9a, so he played UDO 8a, took it back, then decided on it -- and picked the U. Nice defense.

Round 22. Cherry lost to Jakkrit Klaphajone (TH) 348-430. Cherry is now #22, with a record of 13-9 +115.
Round 23. Cherry lost to Stanley Ndungu (KE) 361-438. Cherry is now #30, with a record of 13-10 +38.
Round 24. Cherry lost to Lisa Odom (US) 320-385. Cherry finishes #38, with a record of 13-11 -27.

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