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Jim Nanavati

[photo of Nanavati] Jim Nanavati is a 43-year-old teacher living in Burlington, ON and working in Toronto, ON. He is a last-minute replacement for Zev Kaufman, and qualifies as one of the three top-rated Canadian players. Nanavati booked his plane ticket just one week before the event, and says "he's happy just to be here". He placed 66th at the 1997 WSC in Washington, D.C.

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Round 1. Nanavati plays reigning World Champion Joel Sherman, from the Bronx. The two did not play each other at the last WSC. See photo above.
Nanavati lost to Sherman 320-497, and is now in 90th place, 0-1 -177.
Round 2. Nanavati loses to another American, Bob Lipton, 370-405, and drops a few places to 93rd, 0-2 -212. Jim says: "After 2 games I'm perfect (0-2). I have followed the same script twice. Get an early lead, play tons of tiles, fail to pick up a blank and then watch as my foes play bingo after bingo between snickers. Not that I am complaining."
Round 3. Nanavati scores his first win, 387-337 against Catherine Costello of Ireland. He moves up to 76th place, 1-2 -164.
Round 4. Nanavati wins again, this time against Edward Metivier of Trinidad. He's now in 61st place, 2-2 -145.
Round 5. Nanavati loses 339-403 to Gold Eburu of Nigeria, and drops to 74th place, 2-3 -209.
Round 6. Nanavati wins a big game 476-335 against Cher Siong Gan of Singapore. He's back up to 56th place, 3-3 -68.
Round 7. Nanavati lost to Paul Cleary (AU) 378-440. Nanavati is now #65, with a record of 3-4 +130. Jnana says "Hello to all the staff and students of Northview Heights Secondary School in Toronto. 3 wins 4 losses but happy to be here."
Round 8. Nanavati won against Taewan Sutthasin (TH) 445-226. Nanavati is now #45, with a record of 4-4 +89.
Round 9. Nanavati lost to A Ganesh (MY) 379-380. Nanavati is now #56, with a record of 4-5 +88.
Round 10. Nanavati lost to Lisa Odom (US) 415-494. Nanavati is now #66, with a record of 4-6 +9.
Round 11. Nanavati lost to Paul Epstein (US) 389-394. Nanavati is now #76, with a record of 4-7 +4.
Round 12. Nanavati lost to Selwyn Lobo (AE) 367-492. Nanavati is now #82, with a record of 4-8 +121.
Round 13. Nanavati won against Catherine Costello (IE) 438-340. Nanavati is now #73, with a record of 5-8 -23. Jim writes:
Hi y'all,

Just wanted to say I got the messages from Phil (brother) and Roman (colleague). Thanks for the support. I'm trying to keep my head above water (5-8) but its hard with these lumberjacks stepping on my head. :- )

Round 14. Nanavati beats Edward Metivier (TT) again, 462-375. Nanavati is now #63, with a record of 6-8 +64. Nanavati bingo-ed OVICIDES.
Round 15. Nanavati lost to Sayeed Jimoh (NI) 389-437. Nanavati is now #71, with a record of 6-9 +16.
Round 16. Nanavati lost to Kong Chock Heng (MY) 359-383. Nanavati is now #80, with a record of 6-10 -8.
Round 17. Nanavati won against Brendan McDonnell (IE) 393-338. Nanavati is now #70, with a record of 7-10 +47.
Round 18. Nanavati lost to David Webb (UK) 368-384. Nanavati is now #78, with a record of 7-11 +31.
Round 19. Nanavati lost to Lakshan Wanniarachch (LK) 367-439. Nanavati is now #84, with a record of 7-12 -41.
Round 20. Nanavati lost to Akshay Bhandarkar (BH) 386-467. Nanavati is now #88, with a record of 7-13 -122. Nice play: BABESIA$.
Round 21. Nanavati won against Laurentiu Sandu (RO) 609-304. Nanavati is now #82, with a record of 8-13 +183. Jim played DECAGON PANSIES OVERLIES SWEATER TUNICAE$ OVINE (50).
Round 22. Nanavati lost to Roger Blom (AU) 323-408. Nanavati is now #86, with a record of 8-14 +98.
Round 23. Nanavati lost to Catherine Costello (IE) 371-432. Nanavati is now #90, with a record of 8-15 +37.
Round 24. Nanavati lost to Linda Pray (OM) 340-371. Nanavati is now #92, with a record of 8-16 +6.

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