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Melbourne, Australia
November 3 - 7

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[25-001]World Champions (L to R): Mark Nyman (1993), Joel Wapnick (1999), David Boys (1995) and Joel Sherman.
[25-002]Mark Nyman and Philip Nelkon (Mattel)
[25-003]John D. Williams, Jr., Executive Director of the NSA, new World Champion Joel Wapnick of Canada.
[25-004]To be captioned.
[25-005]Joel Sherman, Jane Williams and Joel Wapnick.
[25-006]Lisa Odom and Joel Sherman at lunch on Saturday.
[25-007]Esther Byers Perrins (sister of U.K. player Russell Byers), Mark Nyman and Tabatha Nixon at lunch Saturday.
[25-008]Game board: Mark Nyman beats John Holgate (Australia) 372-360. Nyman uses all but 34 seconds of his clock, Holgate all but nine.
[25-009]David Boys won against Femi Awowade of Nigeria, 465-369.
[25-010]Game board: Mark Nyman beats Nigel Richards (NZ) 445-418, leaving 0:02 on his clock and 8:30 on Richards'. NR apparently made an odd play - anyone know anything about this? E-mail John Chew
[25-011]Game board: In Round 22, Robert Felt won against Brett Smitheram (UK) 416-394.
[25-012]Joel Wapnick wins against Andrew Fisher (UK) 425-291 to retake the tournament lead, which he will retain until the end of the match.
[25-013]Game board: David Boys won against Joel Wapnick (CA) 402-370.
[25-014]Game board: Ron Tiekert won against Mark Nyman (UK) 464-367. w #4, with a record of 16-7 +481.
[25-015]Game board: Brian Cappelletto vs. Andrew Fisher (U.K.), Round 23. Fisher wins 366-361.
[25-016]Ian Anderson and John D. Williams, Jr.
[25-017]Joel Wapnick vs. Ron Tiekert at Table 1, Round 24. Wapnick wins 475-360, with 6:31 left on his clock and 0:54 left on Tiekert's.
[25-018]Game board: Joel Wapnick vs. Ron Tiekert at Table 1, Round 24. Wapnick wins 475-360, with 6:31 left on his clock and 0:54 left on Tiekert's.
[25-019]Everyone watching the finals on closed-circuit television
[25-020]Commentating the final games: James Cherry, Joel Sherman and top-rated Australian Paul Cleary.
[25-021]In the sealed playoff room, waiting for things to begin.
[25-022]Game #1 of the best-of-five finals.
[25-023]Officials in the sealed playoff room: Glennis Hale (N.Z.), Barry Harridge (Australia), Kevin Burfitt (logged onto MarlDOoM), Liz Fagerlund.
[25-024]The new World Champion, Joel Wapnick, holding the tournament Cup.

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