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Robert Felt

[photo of Felt] Robert Felt is a 46-year-old computer engineer and past American national champion. He qualifies for this WSC on the basis of his high NSA tournament rating. At the last WSC, in 1997 in Washington, D.C., he finished fourth.

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Round 1. Felt plays Joan Rosenthal of Australia, who played at the WSC in 1993 and 1995 but not 1997.
Felt beat Rosenthal 436-408, and is now in 43rd place, 1-0 +28.
Round 2. Felt plays another Australian, Alistair Kane, and beats him too: 348-296. He moves up to 24th place, 2-0 +80.
Round 3. Felt beats Phil Appleby (U.K.) 495-441 and climbs to 12th place, 3-0 +134. Felt began his game with three consecutive bingos: STEAMING, UPTOWNER, JAPINGLY.
Round 4. Felt loses to 11th-ranked Helen Gipson (U.K.) 329-407, and drops to 28th place, 3-1 +56. Gipson climbs to 5th.
Round 5. Felt beats Amnuay Ploysangngam (Thailand) 417-339, and is now in 18th place, 4-1 +134, second from the bottom in the 4-1 group.
Round 6. Felt loses a very close game 386-391 to reigning champion Joel Sherman, and drops to 24th place, 4-2 +129.
Round 7. Felt won against Sayeed Jimoh (NI) 372-369. Felt is now #18, with a record of 5-2 +132.
Round 8. Felt won against Rashid Khan (PK) 448-393. Felt is now #12, with a record of 6-2 +187.
Round 9. Felt faces Phil Appleby (UK) again and loses 448-451. Felt is now #19, with a record of 6-3 +184. Plays include PITHEADS (Bob), BEANIES (Phil), ENCRATY (Bob), GOLIARDS (Phil), VARDIES (Bob), and GAZAL (Phil). Phil has handed in a note with his comments (with two phonies*):
In another high scoring encounter, Phil Appleby snatched an unlikely victory over Bob Felt, when Bob mistracked* in the endgame. As a result, Phil was able to play RIA, setting up an unblockable* GAZAL /RIA for 52, winning by 451-448

Round 10. Felt lost to James Cherry (CA) 386-439. Felt is now #31, with a record of 6-4 +131.
Round 11. Felt lost to Steven Gruzd (ZA) 380-393. Felt is now #37, with a record of 6-5 +118.
Round 12. Felt won against Gareth Williams (WA) 406-335. Felt is now #29, with a record of 7-5 +189.
Round 13. Felt lost to Russell Byers (UK) 386-404. Felt is now #37, with a record of 7-6 +171.

According to Cheah Siu Hean: "After Bob played n2 ANNEX, Russell played 5b TARNISH, Bob played o1 VISA and Russell played WOOTZ b2 leaving C. Bob is unable to reconstruct the game in full at the moment as he is starting Round 13 but hopes to do so later."

One hour later:

Bob Felt has now reconstructed his game with Russell Byers from Round 13 entirely from memory:
R Felt              R Byers

8g MURK             QUEER
GObLETS             BIRD
RIFE(?)             GIP
FEIST               sTANDER
BOY                 HULL
AURAE               VROOM
APED                COB
INGATE              LID
WENT                JEAN
VISA                WOOTZ
GUIRO               ICY

Round 14. Felt won against Jim Geary (US) 517-406. Felt is now #27, with a record of 8-6 +282.
Round 15. Felt lost to Ron Tiekert (US) 376-397. Felt is now #35, with a record of 8-7 +261.
Round 16. Felt lost to Paul Epstein (US) 348-427. Felt is now #44, with a record of 8-8 +182.
Round 17. Felt won against Trevor Hovelmeier (ZA) 428-375. Felt is now #37, with a record of 9-8 +235.
Round 18. Felt lost to Ronald Credo (PH) 386-411. Felt is now #46, with a record of 9-9 +210.
Round 19. Felt won against Bob Lipton (US) 412-322. Felt is now #37, with a record of 10-9 +300.
Round 20. Felt lost to Michael Gongolo (KE) 419-450. Felt is now #44, with a record of 10-10 +269. Felt extends a1 GROCER to GROCERIES (36).
Round 21. Felt won against Jim Geary (US) 465-320. Felt is now #36, with a record of 11-10 +414.
Round 22. Felt won against Brett Smitheram (UK) 416-394. Felt is now #29, with a record of 12-10 +436.
Round 23. Felt lost to Steven Gruzd (ZA) 369-411. Felt is now #37, with a record of 12-11 +394.
Round 24. Felt lost to Joan Rosenthal (AU) 335-369. Felt is now #45, with a record of 12-12 +360.

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