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Ron Tiekert

[photo of Tiekert] Tiekert is a 52-year-old editor and past National Champion from Alpharetta, GA. He qualified as the second-highest rated American in the NSA qualification system, and returns to the WSC to try to better his 15th place finish at the 1997 WSC in Washington D.C. His best WSC record is 5th place in 1991.

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Round 1. Tiekert plays Peter Sinton of New Zealand, a 36-year-old plumber making his WSC debut.
Tiekert lost to Sinton 311-344, and is now in 57th place, 0-1 -33.
Round 2. Tiekert wins a close game 426-402 against Lakshan Wanniarachch of Sri Lanka. He is now in 50th place, 1-1 -9.
Round 3. Tiekert loses another game to American Lisa Odom. He is now in 61st place, 1-2 -10.
Round 4. Tiekert wins a big game, 577-323 against Michael Pray of Oman. He is now in 33rd place, 2-2 +244.
Round 5. Tiekert beats Malaysian Kong Chock Heng 462-346, and is now in 21st place, 3-2 +360.
Round 6. Tiekert loses to Roland Filio of Bahrain, 362-477, and falls to 36th place, 3-3 +245.
Round 7. Tiekert won against Brett Smitheram (UK) 445-392. Tiekert is now #25, with a record of 4-3 +298.
Round 8. Tiekert lost to David Wiegand (US) 359-485. Tiekert is now #39, with a record of 4-4 +172.
Round 9. Tiekert won against Paul Epstein (US) 496-379. Tiekert is now #30, with a record of 5-4 +289.
Round 10. Tiekert won against Andrew Cook (UK) 427-349. Tiekert is now #21, with a record of 6-4 +367.
Round 11. Tiekert won against Kendall Boyd (NZ) 487-427. Tiekert is now #14, with a record of 7-4 +427.
Round 12. Tiekert lost to Brian Cappelletto (US) 422-449. Tiekert is now #22, with a record of 7-5 +400.
Round 13. Tiekert won against Joe Edley (US) 430-417. Tiekert is now #16, with a record of 8-5 +413.
Round 14. Tiekert lost to Odette Rio (PH) 308-384. Tiekert is now #25, with a record of 8-6 +337.
Round 15. Tiekert won against Robert Felt (US) 397-376. Tiekert is now #21, with a record of 9-6 +358.
Round 16. Tiekert won against Ronald Credo (PH) 367-353. Tiekert is now #17, with a record of 10-6 +372.
Round 17. Tiekert won against Lester Schonbrun (US) 494-448. Tiekert is now #13, with a record of 11-6 +418.
Round 18. Tiekert won against David Boys (CA) 424-387. Tiekert is now #10, with a record of 12-6 +455.
Round 19. Tiekert lost to John Holgate (AU) 341-455. Tiekert is now #14, with a record of 12-7 +341. His opponent writes:
The following game against the legendary Ron Tiekert was weird. It was nip and tuck for 9 moves with me ahead by 62. I drew a blank and played STAPLER for 69 placing an R in the triple file. Ron replied with LEARNERS for 131 exactly tying the scores.

I gasped then looked at my rack which contained EXHAUST which netted me 102. "Good game, huh" I commented. "Yeh, it's good for you." Ron replied.

Round 20. Tiekert won against John Luebkemann (US) 432-403. Tiekert is now #11, with a record of 13-7 +370.
Round 21. Tiekert won against Joel Sherman (US) 370-367. Tiekert is now #9, with a record of 14-7 +373. Nice plays: FAIRLEAD$, CHUTNEE$.
Round 22. Tiekert won against Phil Appleby (UK) 360-349. Tiekert is now #5, with a record of 15-7 +384.
Round 23. Tiekert won against Mark Nyman (UK) 464-367. Tiekert is now #4, with a record of 16-7 +481.
Round 24. Tiekert lost to Joel Wapnick (CA) 360-475. Tiekert is now #7, with a record of 16-8 +366. Here is this round's Table #1 game:
Table 1:  Joel Wapnick (Canada) v Ron Tiekert (United States)

1  JW  EIBLINQ  8G  QI         22    22
   RT  EUNYSOO  I5  YOUSE      22    22
2  JW  EBLNS ?Z 5D  BENZOyLS  134   156 
   RT  ON JELGR 4C  JO         26    48
3  JW  ECDLRR?  H1  CREDO      27   183
   RT  GENLR GN E3  GREN       15    63
4  JW  LR? IREH     RELISHER   challenged
   RT  GNLE LFE KI  FLEGS      10    73
5  JW  LR? IREH 1K  FLIER      27   210
   RT  LEN DATI N1  ENTAILED   70   143 
6  JW  HR? SAWY M7  WASHErY    98   308
   RT  MPOTHIS  O7  MOTH       47   190
7  JW  EDFGNRT  L11 DEFT       30   388
   RT  SIP ETAI 8G  QIS        12   200
8  JW  GNR TRIK H8  IRKING     15   353
   RT  PATSIE W F9  TAWPIES    70   272
9  JW  RT AONNV 15F SOVRAN     27   380
   RT  EXIAOIA  L3  XI         33   305
10 JW  NT EOUBP E10 POUT       32   412
   RT  EOAAI UO K8  EUOI       14   319
11 JW  ENB AAEO G3  NAZE       20   432  
   RT  OAA VUTC J11 VACUA      19   338
12 JW  AEOB DAM D11 BO         26   458
   RT  ATO IE   6B  EOAN       11   349
13 JW  AADEM    O1  REAM       20   478
   RT  TI       7B  TI          8   359
14 JW  AD                      -3   475
   RT                          +3   360

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