CNSC 2000 Planning


2000-11-10F  Finalise pairings, check with Dave
2000-11-10F  Compose speech (congatulate players, thank MRW, Hasbro, all staff, remind about publicity; procedures (tables 1-5 assigned, leave tiles on board ater game)).
2000-11-10F  Review notes from town hall meeting last time
2000-11-10F  Extend virtual board program to support play-by-play input
2000-11-13M  Test to make sure pairings work, confirm high game feature and table ordering.
2000-11-14T  Print up copies of Kingston cross-table, any interesting CNSC pages?
2000-11-15W  Check Netcom access
2000-11-16R  Data entry checklist
2000-11-16R  Denise Burke, Joel Wapnick arrive
2000-11-16R  Choose wardrobe - laundry?
2000-11-16R  Print ballots
2000-11-16R  Set up hhc iBook
2000-11-16R  Pick up APM 461 problem sets
2000-11-17F06:10 Adam Logan arrives YYZ (needs nap, remember to leave door open)
2000-11-17F  Print schedule (this document, as well as event sched)
2000-11-17F  Check with Robin about Monday
2000-11-17F14:00 Pick up and load car
2000-11-17F14:40 Drive to site with jjcjr
2000-11-17F15:00-18:00 Site setup
  • sort out English/French big tiles
  • assemble boards
  • count out and display tiles
  • set out and load table trays
  • post tournament signage
  • set up registration desk
  • set up director's desk
2000-11-17F15:00 Go over camera usage with Diane Brown
2000-11-17F17:00 Staff meeting
2000-11-17F18:00 Tim A to deliver rug
2000-11-17F18:00-19:00 Opening Reception
  • New head shots of Jim N, Bernard G, George M, Rama M, Leon F, Mike R, John R, Mike E
  • Optional new head shots of Jakob T, Peter T, Glenn D, Linda E, Wayne C, Fern L, Sary K
  • Membership fees from Carl M, Leon F, Ray F
2000-11-17F18:45 Call to order
2000-11-17F18:50 Speech
2000-11-17F19:00 Round 1 begins
2000-11-17F20:05 Round 2 begins
2000-11-17F21:10 Round 3 begins
2000-11-17F22:15 Round 3 ends, pack up and go home
2000-11-18A07:15-07:45 get up, dressed, call cab
2000-11-18A08:00-08:30 breakfast
2000-11-18A08:30-08:45 announcements
2000-11-18A08:45 Round 4 begins
2000-11-18A09:50 Round 5 begins
2000-11-18A10:55 Round 6 begins
2000-11-18A12:00-13:00 Lunch
2000-11-18A13:00 Round 7 begins
2000-11-18A14:05 Round 8 begins
2000-11-18A15:10 Round 9 begins
2000-11-18A16:00-16:30 Coffee break
2000-11-18A16:30 Round 10 begins
2000-11-18A17:35 Round 11 begins
2000-11-18A18:40 Round 11 ends, pack up
2000-11-18A19:00? Dinner: jjc klc JRW JDW (pick a restaurant)
2000-11-18A count out staff fees (include $20 for runners from Zev)
2000-11-19U07:15-07:45 get up, dressed, call cab
2000-11-19U08:00-08:30 breakfast
2000-11-19U08:30-08:45 announcements
2000-11-19U08:45 Round 12 begins
2000-11-19U09:50 Round 13 begins
2000-11-19U10:55 Round 14 begins
2000-11-19U11:30 Shoot B-Roll? Check time.
2000-11-19U12:00-13:00 Lunch
2000-11-19U13:00 Round 15 begins
2000-11-19U14:05 Round 16 begins
2000-11-19U15:00-15:30 Coffee break - vote on Sportsmanship Award
2000-11-19U15:30 Round 17 begins
2000-11-19U16:35 Round 18 begins
2000-11-19U17:40 Round 18 ends, determine prizes
2000-11-19U17:45-18:15 Prize Ceremony
2000-11-19U18:00 Zev Kaufman has a barmitzvah# to attend
2000-11-19U Cash for Robin?
2000-11-19U Prep Kara on details of finalists
2000-11-19U Confirm Monday staff
2000-11-19U18:15-19:00 Town Hall Meeting
  • Next QS: grandfathering vs. <1600?
  • Next QP: one or two years?
  • Next nationality restriction: permanent residents ok? (Saldanha, Vijayakumar)
2000-11-20M07:15-07:45 get up, dressed, call cab
2000-11-20M08:00-08:30 breakfast
2000-11-20M08:30-08:45 announcements
2000-11-20M08:45-? best of five finals (start earlier if possible)
2000-11-20M? Award presentation (Michel Dupuis or Dave Davenport)
2000-11-20M  Dry clean and return Tim's mom's rug, send bill to Michel D
2000-11-20M19:20 Adam Logan departs YYZ (check for transportation)
2000-11-21T08:30-10:00 Canada AM Interview
2000-11-23R  APM 461S problem sets due
2000-11-24F  Get DC going on LW
2000-11-24F  Review SS todo
2000-11-24F  Send saint


Lisa KesslerTournament Planning
Lisa DeiftTournament Supplies
Kristen ChewDirector's Assistant
Mad PalazzoWord Judge
Gary SagaraComputer Operator
Kate DoeGame Annotator
Sophia OzorioGame Annotator
Ron MansonVideo Technician
Diane BrownDigital Photography
Donna OzorioRunner
Karen OzorioRunner
Emma SharpeRunner
Lauren PetroffRunner
Lindsay BeattieRunner

Staff Notes

Still To Do


Player Return Envelopes (50+)$5.00?
Wall Charts (2), Name stickers, W/L stickers$40.00?
Contestant Score Cards (50)$10.00?
Blank/Challenge Slips$15.00?
Board Diagrams$200.00?
Scratch copies of player list (20)$2.00?
Game Recorder's Logs (50+)$5.00?
Player Scoresheets (450)$22.50?
Courier charge (cheques)$12.98
Petty cash$100.00
Pro-tilesUS$313.67 plus duty/brokerage fees

Not Going To Happen

Next Time?


2000-05  Announce CNSC at MGMST
2000-06  Announce CNSC QS
2000-10  Announce CNSC in PR for MWMST, Kingston
2000-10  Check that Denise will arrange for all press materials (press kit, player kit, media releases), and transport of big board, player boards, banners; Denise will also order phone line, arrange catering (reception, breakfast, lunch, coffee, water service)
2000-10-31T  Design provisional logo.
2000-10-31T  Denise says weekend schedule looks fine, asks me to try to hire Ron M after all, asks for copy of list of player contact numbers.
2000-11-01W  Send out player mailing #1
2000-11-01W10:00-11:00 Call Ron Manson about CCTV, Kingston trophy
2000-11-01W10:00-11:00 Prepare player contact list, send to Kara and Denise
2000-11-05U  Meet with Lisa K to review planning
2000-11-06M  Prepare mockup of custom board
2000-11-06M  Denise to send out initial press release
2000-11-07T  Make copied prototype of custom board
2000-11-07T13:30-15:30 Meet with Lisa K, Denise and Kara for site inspection
  • give EF cheques to Denise (she says courier them instead)
  • check about after hours play
  • phone line placement
  • stage use
  • Obtain floor plan if available, dimensions of hall if not
  • Remember to put Table #1 on stage, check for unexpected problems
  • See who provides table crew, recruit if necessary
2000-11-08W  Ask Sophia to confirm her availability, number of runners
2000-11-08W  Ask Tim A if his mom can loan a S rug to the event as per Michel D's request relayed through JRW and Teresa - yes
2000-11-08W  Give flag toothpicks to Lisa K to experiment with.
2000-11-08W  Get event logo from Sylvie, print in various sizes.
2000-11-08W  Give official event logo to Lisa D to copy.
2000-11-08W  Denise to send out press kits
2000-11-08W  JRW gives permission for 1996 and 2000 CNSC at
2000-11-08W  Review notes of yesterday's meeting, update this document
2000-11-09R10:00-11:00 Call Ron Manson back, confirm CCTV to be only Monday after all
2000-11-09R  Find out HC can't pay for SSJ, hire Diane B instead.
2000-11-09R  Hire Brenda's daughter Emma and her two friends to be remaining challenge runners/board 1 runners/zev-clock operators.
2000-11-09R  Tell Zev that he has fridge access, that crudites will be served, and that runners will hit his clock in rotation.
2000-11-09R  Deposit cheques for Siri, Randall and John D, add cheque for $165 to rest of cheques, have Lisa K courier them to Sylvie L
2000-11-09R  Call George M and leave message summarizing mailing #1
2000-11-09R  Post mailing #1 to site.
2000-11-10F18:30-20:30 Birthday dinner with hhc
2000-11-10F  Design CNSC banner for NSA web site
2000-11-12U16:00 Mike Ebanks says his mom has had an accident, will confirm Tuesday night whether or not he can still attend.
2000-11-12U  Move 1996 web pages to NSA web space
2000-11-12U  Make list of players needing head shots at reception.
2000-11-12U  Prepare staff list and budget, send to Denise
2000-11-12U  Design CNSC virtual tiles
2000-11-13M  Free up disk space on coxeter
2000-11-13M  Okayed final board design, dropped off at printers.
2000-11-13M  Released first version of web site to
2000-11-13M  Told Sal he's on standby re: working at the event.
2000-11-13M  Heard from Robin that she may be available Monday after all.
2000-11-13M  Had to cancel Saturday evening after hours play and agree to pay Diane's taxes on her fee if it's not paid in cash in order to get Hasbro to agree to photos on the web site.
2000-11-13M13:30 Dr. Foley
2000-11-13M14:30 Pick up APM 461 assignments for marking
2000-11-13M  Copy board design
2000-11-13M19:00 Sixth Day
2000-11-13M  Vote
2000-11-13M  Send final staff list to Sylvie
2000-11-13M  Diane called, grandmother died, has to postpone camera setup to Friday.
2000-11-13M  Send out mailing #2: remind players to bring tile bags, clocks, racks if desired, not boards or tiles; announce Saturday night after hours play time
2000-11-14T15:33 Kitchener radio interview
2000-11-14T  Confirm with Denise re: permission form for Leon F
2000-11-15W  Design and print score slips
2000-11-16R  Buy birthday present for jjcjr
2000-11-16R  Check NSA registration status