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Third Canadian National SCRABBLE® Championship

Players (by Residence)

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Canadian players from coast to coast (and a few expatriate members of the "brain drain") are competing in CNSC 2000. Click on a player's name to find out more about them and their record at the CNSC.

Berkeley, CA

Adam Logan

Brampton, ON

John Dafoe

Brantford ON

Carl Madden

Brantford, ON

Glenn Dunlop

Burlington, ON

Jim Nanavati

Calgary, AB

Wayne Clifford, Mike Ebanks, Leon Fernandes, Albert Hahn, Danny Panganiban, Paul Sidorsky, Randall Thomas, Siri Tillekeratne

Cambridge, ON

John Robertson, Christopher Sykes

Grand Rapids, MI

Ron Hoekstra

Mississauga, ON

Shaun Goatcher, Steve Ozorio, Craig Rowland

Montréal, QC

David Boys, Linda Espallardo, Andrew Golding, Bernard Gotlieb, Sary Karanofsky, Joe Peters, Anita Rackham, Fran Silver, Joel Wapnick

Oshawa, ON

Hilda Schlechter, Trevor Sealy

Ottawa, ON

James Cherry, Jakob Teitelbaum, Peter Teitelbaum

Pickering, ON

Ray Francis

Richmond, BC

Mike Ryan

Saskatoon, SK

George MacAulay

St. John's, NF

Jeffrey Parsons

Toronto, ON

Tim Anglin, Evan Berofsky, Hugh Currie, Lisa Deift, Leah Katz, Zev Kaufman, Lisa Kessler, Fern Lindzon, Brenda Megannety, Libero Paolella, Lynda Wise

Victoria, BC

Don Malcolm

Waterloo, ON

Rama Murty

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