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NSC 2000: Round 2 Commentary

Division 5's Reneé Camille stopped by with her second win slip. Her first two games have been blowouts and she's looking forward to a close game

In a game between Annette Glenn and Zarrine Banerji, (div 5) I spot the play GLuCOsE for 67 points. Final score, 350-307.

Hilda Ben-Nun (div 5) has won her first two games by small margins. First by 14 and the second by 5.

Division 5's Mike Collier defeated Katie Quesenberry and now has two wins.

Division 6 youngster, Leland Fidler, lost his second game in a row. This time by a mere 27 points. He knows his turn to win is coming and he's still smiling.

I spot a division 4 board between Marsha Gillis and Hilda Siegel and they point out the word NUNCLE. Hilda challenged and it is good. Marsha pulled out a win in that game.

Division 4's Nancy McCarroll has a large "No Whining" button on.

Scott Pianowski (div 4) has two wins. And he managed his last bingoless win againt opponent, Diane Brown, who played dENOTEs.

A proud division 4 Dorothy Luckey pointed out her two-point win against Mike Sherman, 370-368.

Division 2's Alan Stern has a painful round 1 loss to Wayne Clifford. Seems that Alan went over by only 1 second and that 10-point score reduction decided the game! I think, however, his round two monster win against John Robertson, 481-289, is easing the discomfort.

Also in divsion 2, I see Ann Mirabito and Kay Smith doing a recount to make sure Ann's 379-378 victory held (it did).

Judy Horn (div 2) has two wins. She won her first game by 132 points and eked out a victory over Betty Burton, 388-372 this round.

Division 3's Steve Dennis is 1-1 and looking pretty cool. He won't go into detail, but a botched endgame on his part earned him that one loss.

Julia Boggle (div 2), resplendent in brown feather earrings today, defeated Mike Krepakevich, 334-312. I spot Julia's LINSEEdS on the board.

Division 1's Gordon Shapiro is zipping around the playing room on his new motorized scooter. Every time I hear it, I'm reminded of the sound of a tightly sealed door being opened. Scooter or not, Shapiro fans near and wide will be happy to hear that he is still sporting a bright white towel draped carefully around his neck. Gordon is the only player I know who has the look of a wrestler approaching the SCRABBLE® board!

Rurinth Vutthichairerk (div 1) has won his first two games. Fellow countryman, Charnwit Sukhumratanaport just defeated Ron Tiekert but lost a round 1 game to Albert Hahn.

Always cheery Ann Ferguson (div1) says, "I barely lost to Mike Baron and Dave Wiegand! I'm doing well!"

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