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NSC 2000 Round 6 Commentary

In division 5, on table 2, I spot the word MONSIEUR played through a U. The players are Stella Russell and Madelon Krissoff.

Division 4's April Engel tells me that she is 5-0 now.

In division 6, on an unfinished game between Diana Spiller and Carrie Board, I see INGESTS/RIDERS played on the triple lane for 84 and LOOPErS for 76.

A division 1 game in progress between Zev Kaufman and Bruce D'Ambrosio I saw Zev open with ANTLIKe. Then two turns later, Bruce played AbROGATE. His next play was DERIDE/AbROGATED. Zev also played ROUTINE and NePOTIC.

Another game in progress, Jerry Lerman vs. Steve Pellinen. It wasn't a bingo, but Jerry played VIEWIER. I saw it as a high-scoring good rack cleaner! Steve played PENlITE and Jerry got down LAXATIVE.

In a division 1 game between Nuttakrit Keskaroonkul and Lisa Deift, I spot TENTIEST by Lisa, SEMANtIC by Nuttakrit, and a nice vowel dump to the triple, OURARI.

From the "dreams do come true" department, Mike Baker (div 1) found me and announced that he did beat Adam Logan, 367-339. Mike's better plays were sEJEANT and ADDi TION through the T. Good game, Mike!

Charnwit Sukhumratanaporn (div 1) won his game with Avi Moss, 383-351. Charnwit played UROPYGIa through the I and Avi played INSUlAR. Avi also tried AGGRIVATE, which Charnwit challenged off.

Division 1's Albert Hahn defeated Iffy Onyeonwe, 399-365. Albert pointed out Iffy's great play of ODDBAlLS. Albert got down AUDItOR. I see the word MINGY on the board to the triple. Albert explains it means mean and stingy.

In division 2, Tracy Cobbs is 5-1. He realized that he got all the blanks in his first 5 games! In contrast, Mary Ellen Weisskopf has only won two games so far and she's had only 3 blanks!

Lisa Kessler (div 2) is 2-4 and she has zero complaints about her opponents who have been pleasant and the games enjoyable. She makes the observation that five of her six opponents thus far today have been left-handed, as is she. She contends that there must be a higher percentage of left-handed SCRABBLE® players than the two percent of the population they represent. I leave our conversation counting left-handed players. . . .

Division 2's Eric Chaikin is smiling despite his 6 straight losses. At first he begs me not to mention his tough start, but then bucks up and says, "It's brutal, it's ugly, it's true. Say what you want."

Talking about slow starts, Rose Kreiswirth (div 1) just won her first game!

Randy Hersom (div 1) is 6-0 after a win against Ron Tiekert, 417-391. Randy played INURBANE through the B and SOLATIA to the triple. Ron got down BROIDeRS and RETAILING.

Mike Ebanks defeated Steve Moniz, 532-284. Mike, now 6-0, played ROOTIER and GAROTTE for 68. I think my note says that Steve played ASSIZeS for 122 and it was challenged and ruled acceptable.

David Pearl (div 3) is on a hot run! After losing his first game, he proceded to win five in a row! In round 4, he got a 529 to his opponent, Glen Filzer's, 293. David played EMACIATE and SHEENED.

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