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NSC 2000 Round 8 Commentary

We begin today with a whole group of undefeated folks in division 1: Joel Sherman, Sammy Okosagah, Brian Cappelletto, Joe Edley, and Randy Hersom.

In division 2, the top three are all undefeated: Jerry Scheiten, Bob Lundegaard, and Roy Kamen.

Division 3's Ellen Leonard is the only undefeated player, but eight players with 6-1 records are right behind her!

No one has the honor of being undefeated in divisions 4 and 5, but nine players are 6-1 in the fourth division and four are 6-1 in the fifth!

The smallest of the divisions, 6, with only 77 players has three as of yet undefeated players: Andrea Ross-Greene, connie Creed, and Poppy Thompson.

In division 2, John Van Pelt had a monster win against John Karris, 599-321. Van Pelt opened with WoRSENS, and Karris responded with UMIAKS. Karris then got down SAVOrED and watched Van Pelt play LIQUATE, then play BROODER on the next play created LIQUATED. Van Pelt also played HATTING.

At a nearby table, perhaps commiserating with John Karris, Bruce Adams said that in a game yesterday, his opponent, Steven Cook, opened with CAZIQuE for 122! Bruce said he wanted to cry for his mommy!

Division 1's Joe Edley maintains his winning ways with a win against Steve Oliger. I noticed that Steve's card had a steady line of Ls (for losses), so I didn't ask for the game score. Steve then said, "I started the last NSC 0-8, so this isn't anything new." He seems in pretty good spirits despite his streak of bad luck!

I just caught Jere Mead (div 1) go out on Martin Smith in a tight game. Martin grimaced when he saw Jere's tiles go down, because the game was virtually decided by the tiles left on Martin's rack that he couldn't get down: AOO. Final score: 390-382.

Margaret Bauer Williams (div1) had a bad loss to Marty Marcus, 432-344. She had one of those games where on paper she should have won. However, it was am embarrassment of riches all at once. She played InSISTs! A two blank, two S bingo! She told me she never wants to think about this game again. Other plays I see on their board: BITTERNS, JUDDER (Margaret challenged, and it is good!), and CLEANERS.

Amnuay Ploysangam had a win against Trip Payne, 419-311. Playing with Trip's pretty pink protiles, Amnuay opened with PINKEST. He also played QAID for 54, DJINN for 45, and STAFf for 33. Trey got down REGULaTE. Sadly, today is Trey's 32nd birthday and he lost his first game of the day!

Division 2's Diane Firstman proudly announced, "I am the person with the best 1-7 record here!"

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