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NSC 2000 Round 9 Commentary

The plot is thickens and thins all at the very same time. After this morning's first game (8), we begin round 9 with only 5 undefeated players in division 1: in order, they are Joel Sherman, Sammy Okosagah, Randy Hersom, Joe Edley, and Brian Cappelletto.

At the round's end Cappelleto, Sherman, and Okosagah fell. Only Hersom, 9-0 +771, and Joe Edley, 9-0 +698, remain standing.

Only Jerry Scheiten and Bob Lundegaard went into round 9 undefeated in Division 2.

Division 3s lone star, Ellen Leonard continues to win. She is 8-0 +588. The good news for the rest of the division of 122 players is that every player has at least 1 win. And six players are very happy about that!

Division 6's leaders are Andrea Ross-Greene at 8-0 +1320 and Connie Creed at 8-0 +951 (a very high spread that seems somewhat diminished in comparison to the one Andrea is building!).

Mollie Braverman (div 5) just had a tough loss to Virginia Wood, 383-353. The game, which was close throughout, was decided when Virginia pulled the last blank and played GREENs to the triple. Other good plays: Mollie's ZLOTES on the triple lane for 53. sand Virginia's INBREEd for 74 followed by INBREEdS/SUQ for 33.

Robin Torrence pulled out a win against Kaaren Dolinsky, 419-373. Robin played EDITIOns through an open I and they both played on ROQUE, making ROQUET, then ROQUETS.

Division 6's John Green, Jr., just told us that he had a 70-point out-bingo and then received 48 points from the tiles left in his opponent's rack. He wondered if he could get some sort of special prize for that!

Division 4's Scott Pianowski has had a strong start today: two wins in a row. His last pulls Vincent Castellano into the realm of the other players (prior to that game, he was in a 6-way tie for 1st with a 7-1 record.

At the next table, Mady Garner (div 4) tells me that she lost one this morning, too.

Division 4's Barry Spinner had a nice win against Joyhce Pitzell, 389-350. Barry bingoed out with ACHIESt/JELLS for 89 points. In their game he also got down ERASERS and Joyce got away with plaing the phoney OUTBETs.

According to annotator Milt Wertheimer, the best game he's annotated thus far just happened between Daniel Goldman and Trip Payne in division 1. The score was 485-454 in the birthday boy's favor: Trip.

Jere Mead (div 1) has won 6 in a row!

Martin Smith made a beautiful play in his game with Peter Armstrong. Through a DO on the board, Martin found OVERDOSES. He lost the game, but had the game's best play.

Joel Sheman was handed his first loss of the tournament by Sam Kantimathi, 360-352. Joel got down TANGIEST through an A and Sam played ESTOVErS.

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